Friday, December 28, 2018

2018's Top Ten Blog Posts

          A few years ago the end of the year Top Ten of anything was pretty much named for nearly anything. Cars, movies, songs, and even the worst Top Ten lists get a list. (but it's a video with really annoying Muppet-like characters which are unknown muppets. Hint: If something isn't funny, making it come out of a Muppet's mouth makes it still, not funny. To avoid pain and suffering the picture below doesn't link to the actual video.)

          Blogger has an option where I can see the most viewed posts by week, month, year, and all-time.    I don't take it too seriously but here's the Top Ten, from most the most popular, on down, with a little comment about each one. You can also click the red links to read the original post in its entirety.

TOP TEN MOST VIEWED blog posts from 2018. 

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