Friday, August 26, 2022

Replay Central---Replaying the Spring/Summer 2022 features From Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series


Watch all the readings and interviews from April, 2022 starting with the 300th running of the Dire Liteary Series, All Open, and ending in March with Marguerite Guzman Bouvard. Who is coming up this fall?  Check out the next posts, coming soon!


4.8.22 Sara Lippmann

4.22.22 Robin McLean

4.29.22 Gregory Orr

5.6.22 Rich Murphy

5.13.22 Diane Suess

05.20.22 Ron Tanner

06.03.22 Aleathea Drehmer

06.09.22 Christina Adams

06.17.22 Sharon Applegate Greenwald
LIVE from poolside, Hingham, Ma

07.08.22 Lucas Scheelk

07.22.22 Joseph Milosch

07.29.22 Barbara Legere

08.12.22 Ellene Glenn Moore

08.26.22 Vincent Cellucci and Chris Shipman

Friday, August 19, 2022

My short story, "Her Hotel" is published in Fried Chicken and Coffee


       The story begins, She bought a hotel, on the ocean, because God told her to, but it's not a story about a hotel, per say, or the ocean.  It's 1,154 words, which is longer than my usual flash-fiction.

Photo by C. Gager
     Her Hotel, in todays Fried  Chicken and Coffee (click the link   to read it) is about a character finding spirtuality after a train wreck. It's about purchasing serenity, away from first an abusive situation, and second, just the plain old banality of life.  It's about being strong and starting fresh amongst large challenges.

     What's not true is you don't need 10 million dollars to do so. You can find your God in many places, but you can also find "not your God" in even more. 

Rusty Barnes of Fried Chicken and Coffee has been my friend for years and it should be noted he is an incredible writer. I was very excited to hear that submissions to FC and C were recently opened. I am very grateful to have had nine works of fiction, and two poems included in this journal, going back to 2009. 

Here's the full list:
Her Hotel, August 19, 2022
The Road Starts: 896, Newark, Delaware, April 30, 2016
Best Fiends, May 28, 2014
Pole, May 28, 2014
Loveville, June 19, 2012
reply to the grumpy cashier at the fast food restaurant, April 4, 2012
Exclamation for a Separation which happened long Ago, April 4, 2012
Home Invasion, November 14, 2011
The Old Place, December 31, 2010
Tenth Frame Spare, March 3, 2010
Wine and Cheese with Alexi and Natasha, September 14, 2009.

     Even more grateful that I basically cut my teeth into the flash fiction genre under the guidance of Rusty, Dave Bully, Sue Miller, Ken Clark, Ken Ryan, Nadine Darling, Cami Park, John Sharp, Lisa Yakomin, Tomi Shaw, Roy Scarbrough, John Ravinscroft, Kristen Tsetsi, Tom Doughty, Catherine Peskuski, Steve Frederick, J. Post, Gigi Dane, Lisa Dryer, Jerry Budinski, Mary Kelly,  Mary Powers,  Dee Troy, M'Bear, Nick Barnes, Terry Pearce, Uke Jackson, Jim Parks,Tammy Kitchen, Shelly Rich, Cindy Betsinger, Nathan Tyree and many, many, I have forgotten.

I am NOT the writer I am today without the help and influence of these fine workshop folks. 

Monday, August 8, 2022

After a short break, a book release and some are two sections of Joe the Salamander read at F-Bomb

 The Video Below: During a reading on Zoom for New York's F-Bomb series, I decided to simultaneously record myself live on Instagram. Check out the very beginning of Joe the Salamander and also I read a second section somewhere in the middle below by clicking the picture.

Some Background: Joe is my third novel, and this journey all started back in 1999 when I published my first book, an e-book of eight short stories. Back then I put book before craft, which is opposite of what I am doing now. Joe is probably my most focused work---but there were also outside issues I needed to clear first, before Joe even earned a spine. The first one was, as a person not diagnosed with neurodiversity or on the spectrum, I needed to be sure that if I was writing a character in a way to give it justice. Early versions of the manuscript were sent to some people with that diagnoses and some parents of those as well. The feedback was encouraging. It was important that throughout the book I never used the words, "autism", "neurodiversity", "spectrum", or any other label or diagnosis. 

Some Luck: One of the initial readers at Golden Antelope Publishing is, in fact, diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum. He loved the book and recommended that it be sent through to the next round of submissions of work to be potentially published by Golden Antelope. Well, it made it, but even before the book was published, I was reading from the manuscript every week at my series, Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series.  I started on page one in 2020 and in the next few weeks this will be completely finished. As always, I thank people for the support I've been given, the work of my ART team who got the book up to #1 on an Amazon Best Seller List.