Friday, June 28, 2013

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Joe the Salamander" is your free lunch, but can I have fifty cents?

I told you all about Leah Angstman's journal, Go Read Your Lunch HERE.

Today my story, "Joe The Salamander" is available for your lunchtime pleasure. Also, you can read it for free on any downloadable device. How's that for a free lunch.

What if you think the story is worth something? On the GRYL page gives you a range of what you can donate. can toss me as little as fifty cents! Below are the range of donations, all through Paypal suggested by the magazine.

 If all of my Facebook friends chipped in a few quarters, I'd be paid $1,631. Please, friends, I really need the money.

"Joe The Salamander" (originally published in "Air in the Paragraph Line #13 and also read at the Four Stories Series in Cambridge, Ma, on a night I ate all the appetizers which were supposed to be shared by my co-features by mistake) is the story of a man so uncomfortable in his own skin,  that all he can say is the word, "yes".

Joe decides that the solution is to wear a costume (see left, as this could be Joe)  in order to hide from interactions. Joe wanted to rent a super-hero costume, but instead all he could find was a one of a salamander. Find out how, why and what happens.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ibbetson Street #33 is out, "The Photo Album" published within.

In their 15th Anniversary Issue, ($10), my poem "The Photo Album", a poem about observing a former couple's life through a photo album appears. It's sort of like this:

Within this stellar issue appears, Brendan Galvin, Richard Hoffman, Rhina Espalliat, Marge Piercy, Diana Der-Hovanessian, Jean Valentine and, as they say, others.

Here is the full list, including the others


Molly Bennett
Louise Berliner
Barbara Bialick
Jessie Brown
Michael Brosnan
Michael Casey
Ruth C. Chad
Llyn Clague
Louisa Clerici
Diana Der-Hovanessian
Cornelius Eady
James Eret
Rhina P. Espaillat
Timothy Gager
Ed Galing
Brendan Galvin
Harris Gardner
Marc D. Goldfinger
Cleo Griffith
Mary E. Hampton
Bill Harney
Barbara Helfgott Hyett
Richard Hoffman
Robert K. Johnson
Zvi A. Sesling
George Kalogeris
K. T. Landon
Kathleen Tibbetts
Lyn Lifshin
Marie-Elizabeth Mali
Stephen Malin
Jennifer Matthews
Michael Gillan Maxwell
Julianne Palumbo
Marilene Phipps-Kettlewell [
Marge Piercy
Denise Provost
Jason L. Roberts
Gayle Roby
Lainie Senechal
Steven Sher
Jared Smith
Wendell Smith
Laurie Soriano
Kathleen Spivack
Michael Todd Steffen
Paul Kareem Tayyar
Keith Tornheim
John T. Trigonis
Teisha Twomey
Jean Valentine
Molly Lynn Watt

Monday, June 3, 2013

"Go Read Your Lunch" solves literary hunger pains.

Leah Angstman, the coordinator of Alternating Current (publisher of These Poems Are Not Pink Clouds) has something new to bite into. It started as a three times weekly publication of work just long enough to read during lunch breaks and it's called Go Read Your Lunch. (UPDATE: on 6/12 this was changed to twice weekly). The stories are downloadable to many devices and free, but for chump change you can donate to pay the authors under their "what is this story worth" button. I say my story is worth the ninety-nine cents (a cheap cup of convenience store coffee), and I'm hoping hundreds of people donate that. The rest of the author's stories are worth much, much more---so here is the line-up.

6/3/13 Nathan Graziano | "Vandals"
6/5/13 Daniel Crocker  | "This Love Story has a Zombie in It"
6/7/13 Angele Ellis | "Gulf War Reunion, 1991"
6/10/13 Ronnie K. Stephens  | "On Coyotes and Hay Bales"
6/12/13 Kenneth Nichols "Something Like a Sin"
6/17/13 Shauna Osborn | "Blood Jars and Magic: A Short Guide to Menstrual Art"
6/20/13 Charles P. Ries | "Near to Him"
6/24/13 Gavin Broom | "The Peculiar Incident at Otter Creek"
6/27/13 Timothy Gager  | "Joe the Salamander"
7/1/13 Helen R. Peterson | "Teal Man"
7/4/13 Nathaniel Tower | "The Oaten Hands"
7/8/13 Steph Post | "The Blue Diamond"