Thursday, August 16, 2018

"What Kids Are Scared Of" Anthologized in Crack the Spine 17

Crack the Spine Literary Magazine proudly prevents their latest anthology featuring the stand-out poetry, stories, and essays from their digital publications! If you've read my story, there is a plethora of other fine work.

Authors: Robert Fillman, Jay Vera Summer, Jamie Elliot Keith, Amanda Barusch, Moss Ingram, Alle C. Hall, Christina Dalcher, Karen Zey, Eli T. Mond, Jim Breslin, Linda Boroff, Blake Kilgore, Domenic Scopa, Timothy Gager, Perle Besserman, Lynne Marie Houston, Jules Gates, Michelle Dotter, Wendy J. Fox, Madeline Anthes, Stephen C. Middleton, Joe Ponepinto, Jessica B. Weisenfels, Jessamine Price, Cathy Porter, T.E. Wilderson, Christina Wiseman, Mariah Perkins, Devon Balwit, Christina Kapp, Sarah Broussard Weaver.

What Kids Are Scared Of  originally appeared in Crack the Spine last January 17th, in their 229th on-line issue. Today I'm pleased to announce that it was selected to appear in their print anthology, roman numeral XVII. It can be purchased HERE

It's a fine looking issue too.