Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Summer Issue of Wilderness House Literary Review---and yes, as noted, I'm on a hiatus the next couple of issues.


Yes, I'm taking some issues off, as mentioned in CEO Steve Glines column in The Wilderness House Literary Review.  Maybe it's to promote my new book, (third novel) Joe the Salamander   but maybe it's because I've taken on too much on my plate! 

I can reflect that the fiction I read is better and better, that's good! It also means that it's more difficult to get in, that's bad! More than half of what was rejected would have been automatically accepted even a few years ago. I credit the journal itself for getting itself out there and being a really great read. 

So here's what I picked. They really stood out!

Friday, July 1, 2022

Numbers: 2 Poems, 1 Flash Fiction of mine published in Tell-Tale Inklings #6 (and Joe paperback out July 4)

Mignon Ariel King's Tell-Tale Inklings #6 is out with a wonderful lineup: 

Featured Poet: CL Bledsoe

Tiel Aisha Ansari

Paul Brucker

Michael Ceraolo

Christine M. Dubois

Christine Fowler

Timothy Gager

Holly Guran

Chad Parenteau

You can buy it HERE

 Of my work included, 

Poems: 1) The Attenuation of Wide Ranges of Thoughts 

This poem is about how we live in fear of driving over bridges, sinkholes, booby-traps, cancer, and viruses. 

2) I am Alone

Watching Bad Movies during the Pandemic

after Fathers and Daughters

Ever watch a movie that the characters, what they do, and their motivations just piss you off because they are so poorly written? So I watched Fathers and Daughters a movie starring Russell Crowe and a made a poem out of the film review. 

Flash Fiction:  Hey, Benni 

This one focusses on PDA and a conversation around it, which is picked up by Siri, Alexa or any of those other spying AI thingys you want to name. 


Joe the Salamander will drop in paperback form on July 4 so I'd love for you to pick it up. Want a little push? Read the reviews already posted on Amazon I am extremely grateful and lucky. .