Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2013 Interview with Doug Holder on his "Poet to Poet, Writer to Writer" television show.

Doug Holder has done this show since 2003 and I've appeared a multiple of times. This was one from 2013, when The Shutting Door was released. It's one of my better interviews, where I speak of writers, writing, the Dire and Raisin Bran. I also read a few poems in this clip. I even take a few phone calls which do not degenerate into pranks or perversion.

The Shutting Door is a book about shutting the door on your past, in my past involves various addictions which I've been open about. 

On Poet to Poet, Writer to Writer, Doug has hosted such people as Daniel Tobin, Michael Keith, Sam Cornish, Affa Michael Weaver, XJ Kennedy, Margot Livesay and Joan Houlihan. 

Doug Holder's new book, Portrait of an Artist as a Young Poseur: is a unique memoir, in poetry, of a real Boston artist, looking back, at a distinct point in time, at a city I love. The man, the city, the book are all completely unique, wonderful and original.