Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wilderness House Literary Review--I'm Baaack

Steve Glines, Editor in Chief, WHLR

I'm back reading fiction for Wilderness House Liteary Review, run by Steve Glines .  The chain went, Irene Koronas, who was there as Poetry Editor resigned after six years. Teisha Dawn Twomey moved from Fiction Editor to Poetry Editor, and I was asked to replace her.

I was the fiction editor there from 2008-2010.  There is some great works of fiction which I loved and was proud to publish.

Want to know what I like?  Here's the full list of fiction I accepted during that time period.


Winter 2010 
Brian Tillewein - The Parade 
Bruce J. Berger - Pilgrim State 
Darcy Alvey - Death Penalty 
DeMisty D. Bellinger - Buoyancy 
Dennis Vanvick 
James R. Silvestri - A Bridge and a Rope
 Katherine Meehan - Thin Women and the Dead
 Marc Taurisano - ATTACHED 
Milla van der Have - Gurdjieffs beard 
Murray Dunlap - Across The Paddock 
Paul Kelberg - Flying Aztecs 
Robert Wexelblatt - The Story of My Social Life 
  Robin Rozanski - You Are My Beacon

Fall 2010 
Amber Beaman  Jimmy Gorski 
Christopher Wood-Robbins Boys And Women 
David Krancher  Night Waitress 
The Rev. Dr. David Q. Hall  When the Leaves Didn’t Fall 
Gail Taylor  Tornado 
Jasmine Odessa Rizer  Kiss the Bride 
Lisa Whealy Tasting Hope 
Mathias B. Freese  Homage to Kafka 
Michael Shannon  Digging 
Natalie F. Johnson  Anybody Can Celebrate 
Susan V. Meyers  Bathing Maxine 
Trudy Carpenter Running Through Tangiers 
Will Tinkham Roses

Summer 2010 
Jacob Spears No Traffic at This Hour 
Lindsey Harding  Beyond the Field of Vision 
Sabrina Stoessinger  Bored of Education 
Shannon O’Connor  In Between Days 
Steve Frederick Searchlight, Nevada

Spring 2010

Winter 2010
 Adam Moorad - Terrestrial
Ethel Rohan - Parched
Frank Haberle - The Biggest Slide In The World
Gavin Broom - Getting Past The Receptionist
Jessica Stilling - Failing to Find Seurat
Josh Howatt - Fault of Frangipani
Karen Kasaba - The Smokehouse
Laurette Folk - Carpe Diem
Marina Antropow Cramer - In Case of Fire
Sally Bunch - Free Writing 

Fall 2009
Jennifer Barton - Home Health
Joanna Beth Tweedy - The Rambler
Jon Boilard - Wrong Things
Laurel Jenkins-Crowe - Spooks
Mandy Mikulencak - Independence Day
Melanie Haney - On Third Street
Natasha Cabot - Ragdoll
Rachel Yoder - Fun In Recovery
Rita Buckley - The Reconciliation
Robin Billings - Playing Pretend
Tanya Perkins - The Nature of Breakage

Summer 2009
 Anne Ipsen - Plowing Rocks
Barbara Bialick - Regarding Green
Don MacLaren - From the Lone Star State to the Golden Gate
Elizabeth Kirschner - THE RED LINE
Eric D. Lehman - Heart of the Giant
Jane Karakula - Not Yet
Joe Lombo - Facing Off
Mary Rice - A Wonderful Window
Shawnee Shahroody Spitler - Ansel’s Wilderness

 Spring 2009
Alexandra Isacson - Paris Porn
Christine Stark had two stories a)- Click click    b)- Catherine
David Morris Parson - Foley
Dinh Vong - Threads
Irene Koronas - Emily and Sue
Rebecca Brooks Carroll - My Life As A Nose
Sara Oliver Gordus - Why Have the Jellyfish Lived So Long?
Stephanie Manuzak - The Wake
Susan Solomon - Facts About Frogs

Winter 2009
That Dog - Rebekah L. Cowell
Street Performer - Vinoad Senguttuvan
The Hours Happened - Jéanpaul Ferro
HELP - Susan Tepper 

Fall 2008
The Mural by Denis Emorine (Translated from the French by Phillip John Usher)

Solo by Jessica Keener
Jitterbug, September 9, 1956 by Jim Parks
Lithium by Shannon O'Connor

Summer 2008
 Bandal House - Anish Majumdar
Last Time I Saw Her- Jamie Lin
The Worm - Nathan Leslie
The washerboy -Rohith Sundaraman

Spring 2008
 What If? - DeWitt Henry
Razor Wire - F. John Sharp
Classic Adulterous Love - Ricardo Castellanos
Thunder Boating - Tomi Shaw
Girl With Birds - Susan Tepper

Winter 2008
Irina - To Sao Iovleff  Denis Emorine
Food: A Fantasy  Murray Elias Denofsky
Al Dente Thomas Wauhob
False Dawn Werner A. Low