Wednesday, May 15, 2019

"Beautiful Prayers," new flash fiction, is in Freshwater Literary Journal from Asuntuck C.C.

     Asuntuck Community College is where John Sheirer teaches. This is where you can check out his books.  I know, I know, Amazon link, but don't judge. John and I go way back....a few Dire readings, a benefit reading for Scott Horvath, and we also share the same publisher. Here is John, author Jay Atkinson, and myself from 2005. (Nice vest, Tim, and damn I wore that jacket yesterday. If Leather jacket=cool and Leather vest=not cool then Leather sleeves=very cool.)

     Freshwater Literary Journal is the annual literary magazine put out by Asuntuck Community College. The journal is full of work from students and others, such as myself who went through their submissions process.

     The story behind Beautiful Prayers is a piece about trauma. Prayers can be beautiful but life can be difficult and ugly. The piece mentions a lot of really difficult situations in less than 300 words. We have a lot to pray on these days, and I pray that prayers work. Most of all, through #metoo, depression, bank robberies, and the lottery, there is always hope.

     Speaking of going way back, this is my first published flash fiction since Every Day There is Something About Elephants came out, over a year ago. 

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