Thursday, March 19, 2020

Feeling Cooped Up With No Where to Go? Special Dire Series is going on Zoom, EVERY FRIDAY with a great feature and open mic

UPDATE 4/23-Features will read 10-15 at either 7 PM or 8 PM, their preference. To see these events go to Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series Group on Facebook or message me for information. 


SEPTEMBER---11 Carly Israel   18 Daphne Kalotay   25 Ryan Ridge

OCTOBER---2 Marge Piercy    Kerry Beth Neville   16 Yuyutsu Sharma   23 Christopher Joseph   

30  Elizabeth McKim

NOVEMBER--- 6  Diana Spechler   13 Jonathan Escoffery   20 Dewitt Henry   

27  Brian Sonia-Wallace

DECEMBER---4 Rebecca Fishow   11 Marguerite Bouvard   18 Pamela Painter 

25, OFF on Christmas Day



APRIL  24 Marianne Leone

MAY---- 1 Anna David, .8 Kathy Fish, 15 Nick Flynn, 22 Kim Addonizio, 29 Koren Zailckas

JUNE --- 5 Larry O. Dean, 12 Michael Keith, 19 Andre Dubus III, 26 Chad Parenteau

JULY---10 Enzo Silon Surin 17 Amy Dresner 24 Cate Marvin   31 Kim Chinquee 

AUGUST--- 7 Jessica Keener   14 James Brown  21 Amy King    28 Doug Holder 


UPDATE 4/2- Gate crash Prevention

Because of pranks, perversion, and racism which will not be tolerated, here are some guidelines I will be using

1) People will be Automatically muted when entering, only host can unmute you, at any time
2) Eliminate Chat
3) eliminate screen share
4) lock Dire at 715 so even if you get booted out by mistake, you may not be able to re-enter--sorry.
5) block camera ability for any interlopers that are frustrated by all of the above.
6) not post the event on Twitter


This is how it will work. Download the  ZOOM APP FREE VERSION  . At 6:45, I will post reminders on my facebook wall, and on twitter (@TimothyGager) . How it will work is at the bottom of this post, under the Brady Bunch looking picture.  I plan on running this every Friday until we can all go to live events again.

      This is how the Dire Literary Series at the old Out of the Blue Gallery, 106 Prospect Street, in Cambridge looked like. Seems  like the gallery that night was completely full, as two people are up on the side of the stage in what I used to call "The Penalty Box."

     This is what the Dire Literary Series, tomorrow at 7 PM will look like. With all of us, hopefully, homeward bound and isolating to beat the spread of the corona virus, I am bringing the Series back. It will be a way for people to hear poetry, read their work, and sort of feel like a community. There will be no features. Everyone will be muted, and I'll call on people to unmute as the night goes on. Everyone will read one poem, or 3 minutes---but perhaps longer if there is only a few participants. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CAMERA ON TO READ....I want  this is as close to a replacement to a live reading as I can get.