Tuesday, February 27, 2018

READINGS: Come to or come with, to these fine cities and towns.

May 4, 2018 New York, NY

KGB Bar, 7 PM

Reading from the new "Every Day There is Something About Elephants"

85 East 4th Street
New York, NY

Paul Beckman's Fbomb Flash Fiction Series

May 10, 2018 Los Angeles, Ca

Book Show LA, 7:30 PM
5503 N Figueroa St,
 Los Angeles, California 90042

Reading with Amy Dresner and Erica Garza 

October 14, 2018 Plymouth, MA

Mike Amato Memorial Series, 1:30 PM

Plymouth Library
132 South Street
Plymouth, Ma

All fiction reading with Daniel Watt and Virginia Young 

March 11, 2018 Podcast

Sanesplaining Podcast, LISTEN HERE

Podcast with writers speaking about Mental Illness hosted by 
Daniel and Margaret Crocker
Recorded 3/9

March 17, 2018 Leicester, Ma

Library Fundraiser, 11 AM

Leicester Public Library
1 Paxton Street.
Leicester, Ma

Reading with Keith Tornheim, Renuka Ragauhan, Tom Lyons, and Richard Fox 
hosted by Christopher Reilley 

March 23, 2018 Boston, Ma

Poetry Salon of Boston, 7:00 PM

Private Home near Symphony Hall
e-mail me for address

The Poetry Salon of Boston continuing the spirit of The Goba Salon hosted by Ron and Sue Goba which was first known as Friends of Poetry (FOP) Friday, founded by Prabakar Thyagarajan and Ron Goba 

March 2018 Podcast

Little Miss Addict, Available to listen TBA

Podcast discussing writing and addiction
Hosted by Frankie Norstad 
Recorded 3/7/19

April 14, 2018 New Haven, CT

Yale University Bookstore, 2 PM

77 Broadway
New Haven, CT

April 21, 2018 Newton, Ma

Release Party for "Every Day There is Something about Elephants"

New England Mobile Book Fair, 2-4 PM

241 Needham Street
Newton, Ma

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cover Galley: "Every Day There is Something About Elephants" arrived today!

(To read the back you can see link below, or click this pic)

My book of 108 flash fictions has a galley for its cover. Artwork by Christopher Reilley, and publisher Big Table  Publishing

To read the back blurbs, chick HERE

Note: This is the low resolution image. It really is much sharper.

For list of stories and credits, I wrote about it HERE

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Blurbs and endorsements for soon to be released, "Every Day There Is Something About Elephants"

"These stories by Timothy Gager are skewed, off-center, off-balance and an absolute delight to read. They begin strange, then fill like a balloon of strangeness about to pop, except they don't. They bob and quiver on your palm like so much lime jello. Oddly moving and always thought provoking, Every Day There is Something about Elephants is Lydia Davis meets Etgar Keret in a saloon and they're passing a napkin back and forth, riffing, pens blazing. That."

Kathy Fish, author of Together We Can Bury It

"Like one of his characters, a cop named Jack, Gager is "the maestro of an out of time orchestra," and his stories arrest us with their reassuring unpredictability, their devoted irreverence, and their tragicomic grasp of the absurd. Birth, family, romance, work, grief, hilarity, fear, joy, and mortality all tumble together until their colors run. These brief stories will have you thinking — even if you're unsure of what — and leave you dazzled, recharged, and ready for damn near anything. "
                                                                        Richard Hoffman

Every Day There is Something About Elephants bristles with the energy of a keen and curious mind. Timothy Gager is a virtuoso of the compressed narrative. Each of these fictions sticks like a 10. 

Christopher Allen, author of Other Household Toxins

Thank-you to such kind and generous people. Find out about them!

Kathy Fish, who is becoming one of the leaders of Flash Fiction
Richard Hoffman, whose talent and ability to write in many different disciplines is amazing.
Christopher Allen, who is a killer editor, worked with me many times, and has a wonderful new book out. 

Oh, here's Lydia Davis

meeting Etgar Keret

What about an out of time orchestra?

When I think of sticking a perfect 10, I think of this

Friday, February 9, 2018

Published in The Long-Islander News, for the second time since 1838, thanks to George Wallace

I grew up on Long Island, very close to Huntington. A newspaper published there (since 1838), The Long-Islander News, is a really strong local paper, and if you're a follower of journalism, the local papers are in the best position for making money. Can you say niche?

     George Wallace is someone I consider a friend, and a generous man. He's the former Suffolk County Poet Laureate, and runs a whole slew of readings, which I've been honored to have been invited too. George has also featured at my Dire Literary Series, reads in Lowell for the Kerouac Festival and was selected to be in my panel for MassPoetry, representing beat poetry. (the panel was rejected...the usual suspects are picked, few are chosen.)

    So today in the mail, I received a copy of The Long-Islander with my poem, Concerto included in Walt's Corner. (not Disney or Frazier obviously, but Walt, who happens to be #3 on the famous Walt list) .

 I would tell you to run out and get your copy but the issue came out on January 25, 2018, so you couldn't even if you wanted to.

Note: The issue says January 25, 2017, but they forget to change their calendar annually (Spring ahead, January back?) . I'd hate to think my old friend, Long Island, is behind the times.