Monday, September 4, 2023

As of Labor Day, Total Number of Dire Series Events IS 340!

  Here is the series full count to date. We have a great schedule in the fall, opening 

with Marianne Leone who was the first feature on Virtual Dire on Zoom. 

Here is the NEXT 14! 

  LIVE                                                                                                                               TOTAL

February-March 2001 - First Tuesday reading at Cantab Underground                            2

June 2001-Aug 2002- First Friday, Out of the Blue Art Gallery                                       15
                                    168 Brookline St., Cambridge

Sept 2002-Oct 2011-First Friday, Out of the Blue Art Gallery                                         110
                                    106 Prospect St., Cambridge

Nov 4, 2011-                -First Friday, Yarrow                                                                        1
                                    106 Prospect St., Cambridge

Dec 2011-Sept 2014-First Friday, Out of the Blue Art Gallery                                          34
                                    106 Prospect St., Cambridge

Oct 2014-Nov 2017-First Friday, Out of the Blue Too                                                       38
                              541 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge 

Dec 2017-June 2018 First Saturday Afternoon, The Middle East Cafe
                               480 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge                                                    7

July 2018                   First Saturday Afternoon, Zuzu
                               480 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge                                                    1

Aug 2018-                Oct 2018 First Saturday Night, First Friday too
                                 Center for Arts at the Armory
                               191 Highland Ave., Somerville                                                             3


March 2020                Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series  on Zoom                              119

January 5, 2023          Virtual Thursdays Dire Literary Series on Zoom                            11                     

through Sept, 1, 2023                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        __________