Friday, July 26, 2013

In the future everyone will read poems for 8 1/2 minutes...(UPDATED 8/16)

        One can hope, can't we? The future can and will happen on August 16-18 thanks to John Mulrooney and Jim Behrle. The line-up as of 7/24 will be posted below with changes edited in as they become known. If you are local to the Boston area, plan on checking this out. It'll be my first time reading here and I've heard nothing but good things about this annual event.

LINK 1: The Cambridge Day had a nice write up on 8/15 which included "Girl With a Gun" (see this link or below)

LINK 2: UPDATE 10/10: About a certain "misunderstanding' at the event. 

Boston Poetry Marathon 2013
A Summer Poetry Marathon
featuring a billion local and visiting poets
reading for 8 minutes apiece
Admission is free but the hat will be passed

Friday 8/16, 7 PM - 10 PM
Saturday 8/17, 12:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Sunday 8/18, 12:30 PM - 5 PM
186 1/2 Hampshire St., Inman Square, Cambridge

Friday 8/16

7:00 Jim Dunn
7:08 Lori Lubeski
7:16 Anna Ross
7:24 Audrey Mardavich
7:32 David Rivard

7:40 January O’Neil

7:48 Cheryl Clark Vermeulen
8:04 Lauren Russell
8:12 Chad Parenteau
8:20 Christina Davis
8:28 David Blair
8:36 Thom Donovan
8:44 Dorothea Lasky
8:52 Tim Trace Peterson
9:08 Krysten Hill
9:16 Ryan DiPetta
9:24 Mitch Manning
9:32 Guillermo Parra
9:40 Matvei Yankelevich
9:48 Joel Sloman

Saturday 8/17
12:30 Jim Behrle
12:38 Nicholas Rattner
12:46 Lissa Piercy
12:54 Andrew K. Peterson
1:02 Joe O’Brien
1:10 Allen Bramhall
1:26 Jonathan Pappas
1:34 Kythe Heller
1:42 David Rich
1:50 Joshua Savory
1:58 Bridget Madden
2:06 Ken Walker
2:22 Brian Foley
2:30 Suzanne Mercury
2:38 Judah Rubin
2:46 Patrick Pritchett
2:54 Teisha Dawn Twomey
3:06 Timothy Gager
3:22 Louis Freedman
3:30 Sam Cha
3:38 Ted Dodson
3:46 Debrah Morkun
3:54 Kit Schl├╝ter
4:02 Amelia Bentley
3:48 Anthony Ceullar
3:56 Martha McCollough
4:04 Andrew Dieck
4:12 Hassan Sakar
4:20 Ethel Rackin
4:28 Molly Maguire
4:44 Sampson Starkweather
4:56 Thom Devaney
5:04 Greg Purcell
5:12 Levi Rubeck
5:20 Macgregor Card
5:28 Cecilia Corrigan

7:00 Jenny Zhang
7:08 Janaka Stucky
7:16 Joanna Fuhrman
7:24 Christina Strong
7:32 Andy Mister
7:40 Erica Anzalone
7:48 Elizabeth Marie Young
8:04 Jenn McCreary
8:12 Jacqueline Waters
8:20 Chris McCreary
8:28 Marcella Durand
8:36 Mitch Highfill
8:44 Tanya Larkin
8:52 Ish Klein
9:08 Edmund Berrigan
9:16 Arlo Quint
9:24 Corina Copp
9:32 Jessica Fiorini
9:40 Joseph Massey
9:48 Laura Henriksen
9:54 Jess Mynes
10:18 Filip Marinovich
10:26 John Coletti
10:34 Douglas Rothschild

Sunday 8/18

12:30 Nathaniel Otting
12:38 Gilmore Tamny
12:46 Mark Lamoreaux
12:54 Ryan Gallagher
1:02 Marion Bell
1:10 Nicole Hefner Callahan
1:26 Joe Elliot
1:34 Raffael de Grutola
1:42 Gerrit Lansing
1:50 Carol Weston
1:58 Ben McFall
2:06 Chris Jackson
2:22 John Mulrooney
2:30 Kevin McLellan
2:36 Ben Mazer
2:44 Amanda Cook
2:52 James Cook
3:00 Daniel Pritchard
3:16 Sanjana Nair
3:24 Philip Nikolaev
3:32 Lisa Sullivan
3:40 Bill Alberti
3:48 Chris Lindstrom

Monday, July 22, 2013

The way to The Santa Fe Literary Review

Here's the cover of the 2013 Santa Fe Literary Review. Meg Tuite and Sudasi Clement are their Editors and I'm grateful that they liked my work enough to include one of my flash pieces!

The journal will be available to the public very soon, so keep checking back or you can read the on-line really cool page turning  version.

My piece "Where in The House",  is alongside great work by writers Sheila O' ConnorMary Stone DockeryJames Joseph BrownMathieu CaillerRobert VaughanAlex Pruteanu Teisha Dawn TwomeyLibby HallMichael Gillan Maxwell.

 The story, "Where in The House", is one of a woman who keeps a memory box from each of her exes, filled with a range as wide as a Buzzcocks t-shirt and to an urn. Please check it our and buy it as soon as it is available. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Halfway through 2013: The gritty summary.

New Graffiti's bi-weeily series of the most gritty work from various authors is halfway over. Below are the
remaining scheduled authors. There is still time to decide on what is GRIT and do they have IT?

7/15    Susan Tepper
7/29    Nathaniel Tower
8/12     xTx
8/26    Jenna Humphrey
9/9      Aleathia Drehmer
9/23    Jackie Corley
12/30    Matt Potter
12/30  Steve Glines
12/30   Brian Sousa
12/30  CD Collins

To read all the grit from now back till January click the link you're reading. 

Already published was some great work. Recheck them out and comment on your favorites

1/7      Meg Tuite, "Thirteen"

1/21    Rusty Barnes, "No Pretty Boy"

2/4      Teisha Twomey, "Hometown Decay"

2/18    Lavinia Ludlow, "Addiction: Fiction"

3/4      Jon Konrath, "Sleep Has No Master"

3/18    Howie Good, "The Voice of America"

4/1      John Sheppard, "Milk Carton Girl Turns 40"

4/15    Matthew Salesses, "In My War Novel" 

4/29    Jen Michalski, "I Can Make it to California Before it is Time For Dinner"

5/6      Len Kuntz, "Medicine and Meat"

5/20    Robert Vaughn, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"

6/3      Wendy Ellis, "Fortieth Birthday"

6/17    Barry Graham,  "Blackhorse"

7/1      Sarah Sweeney, "Lament for a Frat Boy"