Monday, January 3, 2022

Winter 2022-Fiction for Wilderness House Literary Review--and all the rest

      I've shown the full list of but since the Winter 2022 Issue is out today--that fiction is listed below, (and below that, all the rest from 2016-2021, and a link for 2008-2010). The journal has been getting four times the amount of submissions since the 2008-2010 span, and triple the amount since 2016. 

WHLR 64st  Issue (Volume 16, no 4)-January 2022


WHLR 63st  Issue (Volume 16, no 3)-October 2021

WHLR 62st  Issue (Volume 16, no 2)-July 2021

WHLR 61st  Issue (Volume 16, no 1)-April 2021

WHLR 60th issue (Volume 15, no 4) -January 2021

WHLR 59th issue (Volume 15, no 3) - October 2020

WHLR 58th issue (Volume 15, no 2) - July 2020

WHLR 57th issue (Volume 15, no 1) - April 2020

WHLR 56th issue (Volume 14, no 4) - January 2020

WHLR 55th issue (Volume 14, no 3) - October 2019

WHLR 54th issue (Volume 14, no 2) - July 2019

WHLR 53th issue (Volume 14, no 1)   April 2019

WHLR 52th issue (Volume 13, no 4)  January 2019

WHLR 51th issue (Volume 13, no 3)  October 2018

WHLR 50th issue (Volume 13, no 2)  July 2018

WHLR 49th issue (Volume 13, no 1)  April 2018

WHLR 48th issue (Volume 12, no 4)  January 2018

WHLR 47th issue (Volume 12, no 3)  October 2017

WHLR 46th issue (Volume 12, no 2)  July 2017

WHLR 45th issue (Volume 12, no 1)  April 2017

WHLR 44th issue (Volume 11, no 4)  January 2017

Thursday, December 30, 2021

My year in Publishing, Readings, Podcasting, and Dire-ing (ALL OF THEM)


2020 Poems, January, 2021, Big Table Publishing


August 1, 2021 Paper Teller Diorama Anthology
(Great Weather for Media Books)

"Disremembering", June 25, 2021 Punk Noir


December 27, 2021Oddball Magazine

December 24, 2021 Constellations v. 11: Redirections

June 28, 2021Ibettson Street #49

March 15, 2021Molecule, Spring 2021

March 1, 2021Grey Sparrow’s Ten-Year Anniversary: Catch the Moon

March 1, 2021 Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

February 2021 Bagels with the Bards #14

January 2021 SOS: Surviving Suicide: a collection of poetry that may save a life


October 1, 2021, The Epiphanies Project: Twenty Personal Revelations
"Going From Important To What Was Really Important"

Virtual Appearances/Podcasts

July 21, 2021, WANA Live hosted by Damian Dressick and Christina Fisanick

October 12, 2021, The Oddball Podcast hosted by Jason Wright

December 27, 2021, The Epiphanies Podcast (for The Epiphanies Project) hosted by Samantha Perkins

Virtual Appearances/Readings

January 2021, The Writer's Voice hosted by Linda McHenry

February 28, 2021, Book Launch for 2020 Poems hosted by Robin Stratton

March 10, 2021, Stone Soup Reading hosted by Chad Parenteau

March 14, 2021, Reading held by New England Poetry Club

April 18, 2021, Rockport Poetry Festival Reading hosted by Robert Whelan (video in middle of blog)

April 24, 2021, Virtual Speak Easy hosted by Kelly Donovan

May 8, 2021, Lit Balm hosted by Mark Vincent and Cassandra Atherton

Hosted Forty-Two episodes of Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series

See January-March

See April-June

See July-August

See September-December

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

The most read Blog Posts of 2021 from my "News"

      Tis' the Season when Top Ten Lists of the year are presented. Before I unveil my  Top Ten viewed blog posts, lets not forget the Top 10 Christmas Urban Legends seen on the below video (such as tics on Christmas Trees causing Lyme Disease). Speaking of video, Urban Meyer did not make this list, though he probably made a lot of Top 10 Video lists for  2021 for his viral dancing video.  Now how stupid can you be?  And speaking of stupid did the joy of the stupid, "Let's Go, Brandon," chant make it on any smart list?  No.

On my list below, all the links work, and they'll bring you back to the original post, which you can re-read or just read for the first time,  if you are interested. 


Here Are the Top Ten Most Read Posts from 2021

Monday, December 27, 2021

Not Happy to Be Closing Out the Year with a Timely Poem: Occupy Forever


  When I heard the news, I wrote a poem, attempting Blaine's style,  titled Occupy Forever, for Blaine Hebbel, and Oddball magazine placed in on their website today, which I appreciate greatly. 

      "Occupy Everything," was Blaine Hebbel's (May 6, 1954-December 18, 2021)  rallying cry. It was his mantra, it was how he lived, and mostly how he wanted us all to live. This post isn't a eulogy, I think his obituary does it better than anything I could ever do.  

    What I do want to mention is Blaine's support of the written word. Blaine would attend the Dire Literary Series in Cambridge, Masschusetts most every month. I could always count on Blaine to attend my own readings  on the North Shore. Sometimes it was only a handful of people, plus Blaine, who never could be described as a mere handful. He read from his work those nights like a giant. His beat-like rhymes always slashed their way to the point which supported those who had less. 

    Blaine also curated A Celebration of the American Voice, for three nights in Ipswich at the Hall-Haskell Houe each April. He had the best of the best read their work, and he was a humble and generous host. True to his dedication of those less fortunate, the event was a fund raiser for Ipswich Food Pantry, My Brothers' Table of Lynn and Everytown for Gun Safety. 

   That's all I have to end the year with. Occupy, Heaven. 

Friday, December 24, 2021

Two Poems ("It Happens in Spring"/"Covid Fears") Published In "Constellations V. 11: Redirections"


      Pleased to end the year with a publication in the anthology put out by Nina Rubinstein Alonso. Two poems written in 2021 "It Happens in Spring," about the phenomena regarding the increase in suicide when things begin to bloom. The second "Covid Fears," is obvious from it's title. The timing is perfect as currently I'm isolated for ten days because of an exposure. I've not tested yet, and I feel fine, but will not be exposing others.

Below the pictures of my work are the full list of
contributors, and I've included the people I know or met in red! I'd include a link how to purchase, but if you don't know how to buy a book on-line by now....

  • MK Punky: “The Frog in the Water Set to Boil”
  • Christine Schott: “Another Introduction to Poetry”
  • Cassady O’Reilly-Hahn: “Places I Could Have Grieved”
  • Richard E. Brenneman: “I Must Hope”
  • Jamilla D. VanDyke-Bailey: “eight & seventeen”
  • Thomas Belton: “Resonance”
  • Joseph Hardy: “In a Week of Sun”
  • Mary Soon Lee: “Directions to Utopia”
  • CD Collins“Fade Time”
  • Lorin Lee Cary: “The Road Less Travelled”
  • Steve Gerson: “Even a sip to cleanse”
  • Ken Elliott: “Firemen in a Grocery Store”

  • Amber Watson: “Wheels in Motion”
  • Chris Belden“Trash, Keep, Maybe”
  • Johanna DeMay: “Unresolved” / “Domestic Terrorism”
  • Beate Sigriddaughter: “Clipped” / “Cassandra’s Ghost” / “A Girl’s Voice”
  • Pui Ying Wong“Practicality” / “Air Show”
  • Eugene Platt: “How I Escaped the Holocaust”
  • Erik Moyer: “HIPAA Violations”
  • Lee Grossman“Aaron’s Illness”
  • Sarah Iler: “Map”
  • Jacqueline Schaalje : “All the things I missed”
  • Wendell Smith“Elective Activity Nov. 4, 2020”
  • Thaddeus Rutkowski“Changeups”
  • Terry Allen: “Woodpeckers”
  • John Hicks: “Burning Privacy” / “Hell Has Its Own Food Chain”
  • Heather Truett: “Sleeping Beauty”
  • John M. Davis: “some characters in search of a marriage”
  • Marc Dickerson: “(Not) The End of the World”
  • James Croal Jackson: “Going to a Concert”
  • Michael Estabrook“because it’s so cold outside”
  • Kasha Martin Gauthier: “Progression”
  • Lisa Trudeau: “Temporal Complications of Lunch with an Ex”
  • Nancy Smiler Levinson: “I Don’t Want to Learn Anything New About Technology” / “Compose Me in a Poem”
  • Ziaul Moid Khan: “The Mud House”
  • Jan Ball: “Daily Work” / “His Name First”
  • Alexander Houk: “Dreaming of a Simpler Life”
  • Timothy Gager“It Happens in Spring” / “Covid Fears”
  • David Donna: “Party Poem” / “Shared Desk”
  • Virginia Bach Folger: “Vanishings”
  • Kitty Beer“Mrs. Professor Bostwick”
  • Karen Klein: “Night Lights” / “12/31”
  • Janna Knittel: “Wardrobe” / “In Deep”
  • Karin Aurino: “Your Name is Second Wife”
  • Ace Boggess“A Perfect Sadness”
  • Tim Suermondt“Extraordinary”
  • Krikor N. Der Hohannesian“At the Edge of the Cliff”
  • Ed Meek“Royal Rendezvous in August” / “Boom Box”
  • Deborah Leipziger“What is home”
  • Nathaniel Gutman: “Furtwängler”
  • Brian Lutz: “Turtles All the Way Down”
  • Anthony Hagen: “Theory of Ourselves” / “False Theory of Ourselves”
  • Michael Todd Steffen“Versus” / “Creature in the Living Room”
  • Karen Regen-Tuero: “The Promise of Future Happiness”
  • Jake Bailey: “Portrait of Divorce as a Path to Love”
  • Peter Grandbois: “The Room” / “And still the heart”
  • Gaby Bedetti: “Frozen” / “Reception” / “Shadow” / “Vaccine Line”
  • Eva Eliav: “Autumn 2020: Five Poems”
  • Cameron Morse: “Night Fright”
  • Pesach Rotem: “Even in America”
  • Lo Galluccio“Two Sonnets for Leah”
  • Nathaniel Dolton-Thornton: “Revisions”
  • Gerard Sarnat: “Universal Soldier’s Kaddish for Rolling Thunder” / “Comfy Old Shoe”
  • DeWitt Henry“On Wonder”
  • Bethany Reid: “The Rule of Three”
  • Zvi A. Sesling“All’s Well That Ends Well” / “Lost Uncle”
  • Bert Stern“Waiting for Rain” / “BSA”
  • Nina Rubinstein Alonso“Dizzy Le Carré” / “Turning Lesson”
  • Kathleen Spivack“Looking at Water”
  • Tomas O’Leary“The Less of Me / “Detente at the Nihilists Convention” / “What You Found”