Monday, January 31, 2011

Throwing it out there: I confess about drinking in The Drinking Diaries.

The Drinking Diaries is a fantastic blog, about women and drinking, with very strong writing and writers. It's neither for or against drinking. If drinking works for people, good for them. It doesn't work for
everyone. This blog reflects that. Every Monday they invite men to share a story, an episode, or an experience that involves women and drinking. Here is mine.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Brrrrrr...When it is Still Winter

That poem is here in Riverbabble 18!

Ruth Pérez Aquirre:
Nina Seranno:

Rafael Jesús González:
Laura McCullough:
April Michelle Bratten:
jd Daniels
Timothy Gager:
Maude Larke
Stephanie Bryant Anderson
Colin Dardis
Joanne Faries
Zoë Gabriel: Pendulum
Morgan Harlow
Travis Hedge Coke
Robert Jacoby
Jocelyn Paige Kelly
Anthony Adrian Pino
Tim Tomlinson

Ekphrastic Poems
William Landis
Aleathia Drehmer

Jon Sindell
Anthony Adrian Pino
Eric Prochaska
Renos Nicos Spanoudes
Tim Tomlinson

Flash Fiction
Ted Chiles
Francine Witte
Chella Courington
Joyce Lautens O'Brien
Michael K. Gause

Jannie M. Dresser

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coming Soon, RE: TELLING

From the Ampersand Book website:

How many times can Super Mario die?  Did Borges visit Indiana, or did Indiana visit Borges?  Does the devil drink milk and, if not, why does he like milkmaids so much?  And where do our hero turtles go when there are no more foot soldiers to fight?

 Welcome to Re:Telling, the anthology that answers these burning questions, and many, many more.  This collection of fiction, poetry, and art features some of the independent publishing world’s favourite, most talented writers using recycled material: purloined plots, stolen settings, borrowed premises, and appropriated characters.  It is subversion; it is homage.  It is a ransacking of the treasure troves in our cultural basement, and nothing is off limits.  The stories range from retellings of Shakespeare to Law & Order, from classical theatre to video games.  Each piece is something picked up and dusted off, reworked and made new.

Featuring retellings by:

  • Matt Bell
  • Alicia Gifford
  • Michael Martone
  • Daniel Grandbois
  • Darcie Dennigan
  • Peter Connors
  • Jim Ruland
  • Samantha Hunt
  • Blake Butler
  • Tom La Farge
  • Shya Scanlon
  • Pedro Ponce
  • Crispin Best
  • Erin Fitzgerald
  • J. Bradley
  • Molly Gaudry
  • Steve Himmer
  • Josh Maday
  • Henry Jenkins
  • Michael Kimball
  • Corey Mesler
  • Roxane Gay
  • Timothy Gager
  • Heather Fowler
  • Joseph Riippi
  • Wendy Walker
  • Zachary Mason
  • Curtis Smith
  • Jeff Brewer
  • Kathleen Rooney & Lily Hoang
With original artwork by Teresa Buzzard!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Howls and Pushycats has two of my poems

Howls and Pushycats is an interesting little magazine hosted by Dhoktor Howl and M’sieu Pushycat. (Upon sneaky investigation the names Parker Tettleton and William Lennertz are uncovered but I don't know exactly their involvement)

 The magazine promotes and responds to submissions as if they are on acid. Given that, my two poems "the girl this weekend" and "An Angry Mel Gibson Gets a Dog" fit right in. ( pages 13-14) 

Here's the complete list of people published in this issue:

Shannon Schuren : Writer's Lump

Michael Lee Johnson: Two Poems

Richard Cody: Respect 101

A.J. Huffman: Ink Street

Bob Petras: The Society of the Hood

Timothy Gager: Two Poems

Alexandra Campbell: Something Old...

Cath Barton: The Change

John Grey: Three Poems

Shane Jesse Christmass: Microdots in the Time...

Michael Frissore: Two Haiku

Thomas Sullivan: Career Planning

David Mac: Three Poems

Mike Berger: Slipped Away

Christy Rose Cecil: The Sweet Smell of Revenge

A Few Words About Issue Two

from M'sieu Pushycat

Thursday, January 13, 2011

We interupt this blog to bring you an important message from JMWW.

JMWW V has landed!

jmww anthology V is a thick 148 pages, includes Lindsay Ahl, Matt Bell, George Blecher, Andrew Borgstrom, Callista Buchen, Alan Stewart Carl, Alexandra Chasin, Kim Chinquee, Robert Coover, SL Corsua, Patrick Dacey, Jeremy M. Davies, Nicelle Davis, Andy Devine, Spencer Dew, Brian Evenson, Jon-Michael Frank, Timothy Gager, Scott Garson, Katrina Gray, Justin Hamm, Jane Hammons, James Hannaham, Clarinda Harriss, Lily Hoang, Tim Horvath, Joanna Howard, Jamie Iredell, Brian Kiteley, Norman Lock, Ben Loory, Robert Lopez, Sean Lovelace, Miguel Morales, David Peak, Emily Peterson Crespo, Nate Pritts, Timothy Raymond, Ethel Rohan, Davis Schneiderman, Savannah Schroll Guz, Laura Ellen Scott, Amber Sparks, Ken Sparling, Terese Svoboda, and J.A. Tyler and costs a mere $10. Hop on over to our order page and get a copy, quick. We’ll also be at AWP in February if you want to get a copy then.

You have been waiting for this moment to arrive, admit it. And how could you not?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm interviewed in Dark Sky, Spotlight On series.

I'm not very profound, but Snookie and The Situation get mentioned in the section about my writing environment. The interview is here and it was written by Brad Green.

Other recent interviews done by Dark Sky include:
Nicole Elizabeth, Keetje Kuipers, Rusty Barnes, Barry Graham, Kyle Hemmings, heldon Lee Compton, Shya Scanlon, and Jeanann Verlee

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Wilderness House Literary Review

I'm no longer the fiction editor there. When I stepped down to finish my novel in July I thought it would be temporary. The novel is still not finished but I resolve to finish shortly.

So, when you step down from a literary journal the first thing you do is submit to them, right? They accepted The Rain is like the Things You Couldn't Stop and it was published today.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

...and in with the new.

January 1, 2011. Two poems published by Gutter Eloquence titled "The Enabler" and "starting a poem with "sometimes" is really weak". Happy New Year!