Monday, July 23, 2018

2018 Boston Poetry Marathon is a gigantic event Aug. 10-12

I'm honored to be reading 8/11 at 12:16 PM, but this event is  all weekend Aug. 10, 6 PM-Aug. 12, 630 PM. Check out all the blocks of really wonderful and talented poets.

Kudos to the organizers

Bridget Eileen

Suzanne Mercury

Gillian Devereux
Darren Black

The Boston Poetry Marathon is a poetry reading festival in which 100+ poets read their work, each for 8 minutes apiece. The festival has occurred for over 20 years (with a few breaks here and there). Readers come from far away or just down the street. The festival is open to the public. The event is free but donations are welcome and appreciated.

VFW Outpost 186,

186.5 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, Ma

all weekend Aug. 10, 6 PM-Aug. 12, 630 PM

FRIDAY NIGHT, AUG 10 6pm-10:30pm


What better way to celebrate the summer than with 21 hours of poetry? Join us! Boston Poetry Marathon will take place over three days at Outpost 186:

Friday, August 10th
In Memory of Lucie Brock-Broido, 6:00-6:50
Eileen Cleary, Beatriz Del Rio, Jenny Grassl, Amanda Hope, Tanya Liu, Pam Matz, Pamela Bailey Powers
Laura Green 7:00
Kythe Heller 7:08
Jean Dany Joachim 7:16
Kacy Cunningham 7:24
Jordan Davis 7:32
Jack Miller 7:40
Kevin Gallagher 8:00
Audrey Mardavich 8:08
Jackie Wang 8:16
Jess Mynes 8:24
Steph Burt 8:32
Julia Story 8:40
Tim Suermondt 9:00
Kevin McLellan 9:08
Amy Lawless 9:16
Pui Ying Wong 9:24
Shirley Jones-Luke 9:32
David Blair 9:40
Kayla Cash 10:00
Zachary Bos 10:08
Mary Bonina 10:16
Michael Todd Steffen 10:24
Judson Evans 10:32
-End of Friday Night-
Saturday, August 11th
Gale Batchelder 12:00
Anthony Febo 12:08
Timothy Gager 12:16
Mickey Coburn 12:24
Valerie Loveland 12:32
Michael Gottlieb 12:40
KH van berkum 1:00
Alifair Skebe 1:08
Olivia Thomes 1:16
Christina Liu 1:24
Chad Parenteau 1:32
Danielle Legros Georges 1:40
Zoe Tuck 2:00
Brittany Billmeyer-Finn 2:08
Mark Pawlak 2:16
Shari Caplan 2:24
Aaron Kiely 2:32
Clay Ventre 2:40
In Memory Of Marthe Reed
Mark Lamoureux 3:00
Kenning JP Garcia 3:10
Trace Peterson 3:20
Maria Damon 3:30
Adeena Karasick 3:50
Heather Hughes 3:58
Jeffrey Pethybridge 4:06
Steven Riel 4:14
Lori Lubeski 4:22
Jade Rei Sylvan 4:30
Mairead Byrne 4:52
Sam Cha 5:00
Nausheen Eusuf 5:08
Anthony Cueller 5:16
Fanny Howe 5:24
-dinner break-
Michael Peters 7:00
Joe Elliot 7:08
Simeon Berry 7:16
Uche Nduka 7:24
Heather Treseler 7:32
Ruth Towne 7:40
Jennifer Marie Bartlett 8:00
Jim Stewart 8:08
Karen Locascio 8:16
Mitch Highfill 8:24
Martha McCollough 8:32
Gilmore Tamny 8:40
Darren Black 9:00
Brenda Ijima 9:08
Christina Strong 9:16
Douglas Rothschild 9:24
John Mulrooney 9:32
Suzanne Mercury 9:40
Brendan Lorber 10:00
Jessica Bozek 10:08
Ben Mazer 10:16
Claudia Amador 10:24
-End of Saturday Night-
Sunday, August 12th
Russell Bennetts 11:00
Lisa Maria Martin 11:08
Eliza Jerrett 11:16
Keith Jones 11:24
Jennifer Martelli 11:32
J.D. Scrimgeour 11:40
Hannah Larrabee 12:00
Alyssa Mazzarella 12:08
Colleen Michaels 12:16
Danielle Jones-Pruett 12:24
Catherine LeBeau 12:32
Tracy Marks 12:40
January O’Neil 1:00
Lloyd Schwartz 1:08
MP Carver 1:16
Lisa DeSiro 1:24
James Stotts 1:32
In Memory of Gerrit Lansing
Ruth Lepson 1:50
Abigail & Samuel Cook 2:00
Jim Dunn 2:10
Amanda Cook 2:20
Sean Cole 2:30
James Cook 2:40
Carol Weston 3:00
Dara Wier 3:08
Christine Tierney 3:16
Janaka Stucky 3:24
Dennis Nurkse 3:32
Sawako Nakayasu 3:40
Bridget Eileen 4:00
Kathleen Lake 4:08
Carol Berg 4:16
Darcie Dennigan 4:24
Richard Hoffman 4:32
William Orem 4:40
Tom Daley 5:00
Serina Gousby 5:08
Frannie Lindsay 5:16
Robert Carr 5:24
Rebecca Roach 5:32
Gillian Devereux 5:40
Rob Chalfen 6:00
Oni Buchanan 6:08
Meia Geddes 6:16
Dan Wuenschel 6:24
~*~Finish Line~*~

Online at:

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

All of the final Dire Literary Series features booked

August 4, 2018,7 PM
The Center for the Arts at the Armory Cafe
191 Highland Ave. Somerville, Ma
J.D. Scrimgeour
David S. Atkinson
Jane Rosenberg LaForge

Saturday September 1, 2018, 7 PM,
The Center for the Arts at the Armory Cafe
191 Highland Ave. Somerville, Ma

Sonya Larson
Michael C. Keith
Marguerite Bouvard


Friday October 12, 2018, 7 PM,
The Center for the Arts at the Armory Cafe
191 Highland Ave. Somerville, Ma

Elizabeth Graver
Amy Dresner
Rusty Barnes
Nadine Darling
Doug Holder
Hannah Larrabee
Renuka Raghavan

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Dire Location History...where to find us Aug 2018-Oct 2018 (plus a funny thing happened on the way to being canceled)

A funny thing happened at our last event at the Middle East Corner. They forgot to call and cancel us for the World Cup viewing there. They did accommodate us,giving us a private party at Zuzu (which was scheduled to close at 3 PM), which was awesome. I got to be the douche that told people, "Hey, this is a private party." Much thanks and gratitude to The Middle East.  So here's the Dire history--location only, as we wrap it up at the Center for Arts at the Armory, Somerville.


February-March 2001 - First Tuesday reading at Cantab Underground                              2

June 2001-Aug 2002- First Friday, Out of the Blue Art Gallery                                          15
                                    168 Brookline St., Cambridge

Sept 2002-Oct 2011-First Friday, Out of the Blue Art Gallery                                         110
                                    106 Prospect St., Cambridge

Nov 4, 2011-                -First Friday, Yarrow                                                                        1
                                    106 Prospect St., Cambridge

Dec 2011-Sept 2014-First Friday, Out of the Blue Art Gallery                                          34
                                    106 Prospect St., Cambridge

Oct 2014-Nov 2017-First Friday, Out of the Blue Too                                                       38
                              541 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge 

Dec 2017-June 2018 First Saturday Afternoon, The Middle East Cafe
                               480 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge                                                    7

July 2018 -                  First Saturday Afternoon, Zuzu
                               480 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge                                                    1

Aug 2018-Oct 2018 First Saturday Night, First Friday too
                                 Center for Arts at the Armory
                               191 Highland Ave., Somerville                                                             3