Sunday, March 17, 2013

Boston Literary Magazine publishes my poem, "Scientific Purposes"

Meeting someone and deciding you want to proceed is a very scientific process.

The steps of the Scientific Method are:

How does this fit into the poem published today in The Boston Literary Magazine?  The observation/research was all done before the time and place which the poem was set. The hypothesis/prediction  is why the poem even came to be and the experimentation led to the conclusion that there was no turning back. 

The Boston Literary Magazine is run by Robin Stratton (who I wrote with and published with HERE), who is waiting to hear from you, Richard N. Hill who can be called but only with emergencies and Barbara Meikle, who could not be reached for comment. 

With a few clever clicks you can read the Spring Issue on-line and with about $12 you will soon be able to purchase it. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

In Between Altered States publishes my evil twin story, "Twin Gets Just Desserts"

It's been a busy week for flash pieces of mine seeing the world. "Twin Gets Just Desserts" is the story of sibling rivalry at its worst.  My friends over at "In Between Altered States"  have graciously included it in issue #33.

Also in this issue  are Leah Angstman (the editor who published my book, These Poems Are Not Pink Clouds),  Peter Cunis, Tyler Gates, Robert Vaughan, Len Kuntz, Eric Suhem and Aleathia Drehmer. Read and enjoy their cross dimensional flash fiction. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wigleaf serves up my, "Leftovers at the Lays Factory" plus I sent them a postcard.

Here's the story "Leftovers at the Lays Factory"  out today in Wigleaf,  and I'm thrilled to get published here.

I admit that I got some great editing help from Scott Garson, and without his help, the story would have been left at the side of the slushy road.

Here's a bonus! Once you get accepted there, Wigleaf has a neat little extra for their writers, which is offering them a chance to send  an internet postcard to them, which they publish. 

Click HERE to read the postcard I wrote to Wigleaf


Wigleaf's masthead is full of writers I've been reading and respecting forever.


Scott Garson does the editing and design. 

Rebecca R. Scott reads and gives editorial counsel.

Laura Ellen Scott is the Series Editor for the Wigleaf Top 50. 

Mel Bosworth is an Associate Series Editor for the Wigleaf Top 50. 

Erin Fitzgerald is an Associate Series Editor for the Wigleaf Top 50. 

Sean Lovelace is an Associate Series Editor for the Wigleaf Top 50. 

I've sent numerous work to Wigleaf and have never received an acceptance, so I very grateful to been seen on their site with so many other great writers. (I did make an honorable mention for their well know Top 50 of 2008 for Best Interest of the Child, published by Thieves Jargon.)

The story was accompanied by this really cool photograph by Kevin Dooley: