Friday, January 27, 2012

Final Fenway Fiction includes a story of mine. (Go Sox!)

“A simply marvelous collection! A must-have for any true Red Sox fan!"                                             

Tom Adelman, author of The Long Ball, about Further Fenway Fiction

The third and  the final installment of the Fenway Fiction series has a story of mine in it called "Six Facts about Influencing Baseball in Heaven", where God ends up telling  Harry Agganis that he'd better forget about the Red Sox. The new FFF anthology is again brought to you by writer, editor and fan Adam Pachter. 

Cornerstone Book Publishers and Adam Pachter are pleased to announce the release of Final Fenway Fiction. Ever since 2005, the Fenway Fiction series has chronicled the Boston Red Sox through short stories, novels, plays, and poetry. Now the series comes to its exciting conclusion in Final Fenway Fiction, and the book's 23 contributors touch every base in the best collection yet. Within these pages you'll travel back to Babe Ruth's time and a thousand years into the future, visit the beaches of Normandy and Big Papi's favorite Dominican restaurant. You'll cheer from the Fenway stands and the coast of Ireland, revisit World Series highs and late September swoons. So put on your Sox cap and crack open a copy of Final Fenway Fiction. The series may be ending, but your love of these Red Sox stories will go on and on.

Featuring fiction from novelists:

Henry Garfield (Tartabull’s Throw)

Rachel Solomon (Number 6 Fumbles)

Kim Ablon Whitney (The Other Half of Life)

Comic book author:

Ron Fortier (Terminator: The Burning Earth)


David Kruh (Curse of the Bambino)

and Singer:

Al Basile (The Goods)

Final Fenway Fiction: More Short Stories from Red Sox Nation edited by Adam Pachter
ISBN:  1-613420-29-3
ISBN 13:  978-1-61342-029-4
Published by Cornerstone Book Publishers
Release date: 02/01/2012
Retail Price: $21.95
available atmajor on-line booksellers and from the publisher at: