Sunday, August 29, 2021

REPLAY CENTRAL: The four features from reduced Summer 2021 schedule of Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series

          Many LIVE reading series take summers off.  Doing Virtual Fridays Dire on Zoom weekly is a blast, but I wanted some Friday nights in the summer to myself. I ended up missing it, and having four events from July-through August seems scant...but they were some great evenings. Check out Natalie Bonfig, John Domini, Anna VQ Ross, and Rachel Yoder, if you missed them----as these Dire presentations by the authors, I've been told, are like a master class in writing. 

July 9:  Natalie Brobin Bonfig

July 23 2021: John Domini

August 6 2021: Anna VQ Ross

August 20 2021: Rachel Yoder

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Autumn Schedule (back to weekly): Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series

    Features will read 10 minutes at either 7 PM or 8 PM Eastern Standard Time, at their preference (before or after the open mic). To see these events on live stream join Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series Group on Facebook or message me for information. All feature segments get uploaded to YouTube, and you have the option to subscribe.  Our  features are followed or preceded by the best open mic in the world, so bring your best stuff. 

Note: I no longer accept queries for features. 



10   DeMisty Bellinger

 17   Cheryl Pappas

 24   Matt Bell


1    Michael Keith

8   Gloria Mindock

15  Molly Gaudry

22   CD Collins

29  Kevin Prufer


 5  Beth Robinson

12  Alina Stefanuscu

19  Meg Smith

26  Gregory Wolos


3  Damian Dressick

10 Jason Wright

17 Blake Butler

24 OFF
31 OFF

Saturday, August 21, 2021

How many Dires by location? Let me count ...

    People that know the Zoom Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series around the world, may not know of the live event I ran in Cambridge, Ma. People in Cambridge may not realize that after a year and a half it popped up as a Zoom reading. For all of those folks here is the complete event tally and locations. 


February-March 2001 - First Tuesday reading at Cantab Underground                            2

June 2001-Aug 2002- First Friday, Out of the Blue Art Gallery                                       15
                                    168 Brookline St., Cambridge

Sept 2002-Oct 2011-First Friday, Out of the Blue Art Gallery                                         110
                                    106 Prospect St., Cambridge

Nov 4, 2011-                -First Friday, Yarrow                                                                        1
                                    106 Prospect St., Cambridge

Dec 2011-Sept 2014-First Friday, Out of the Blue Art Gallery                                          34
                                    106 Prospect St., Cambridge

Oct 2014-Nov 2017-First Friday, Out of the Blue Too                                                       38
                              541 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge 

Dec 2017-June 2018 First Saturday Afternoon, The Middle East Cafe
                               480 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge                                                    7

July 2018                   First Saturday Afternoon, Zuzu
                               480 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge                                                    1

Aug 2018-                Oct 2018 First Saturday Night, First Friday too
                                 Center for Arts at the Armory
                               191 Highland Ave., Somerville                                                             3

April 2020                Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series  on Zoom                          90 and counting
 -April 1. 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          __________

Monday, August 2, 2021

The Resigned Life of a Condo Trustee, published in Great Weather for Media's Anthology, Paper Teller Diorama

Wow, that's a mouthful. I know Great Weather For Media, the publisher of this anthology, through their sponsored reading series in New York City George Wallace, David Lawton and all the gang. 
 They also put out a variety of books and if you check out the link, there are many to choose from. 

The anthology, Paper Teller Diorama includes my flash fiction, The Resigned Life of a Condo Owner. (sneak preview to the left)

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: I am a condominium trustee at my complex in real life, not just playing one on TV, The adjacent buildings next to ours were being used as a dumping ground. I took that to create this twist of fact flash fiction piece where the Department of Public Works and various town offices calls our brave protagonist. Anyway, please check it out, at $19.00, it's cheap, without  garbage. 


Paper Teller Diorama is a thrilling collection of contemporary poetry and fiction from established and emerging writers across the United States and beyond. The anthology also contains an interview with San Francisco poet laureate Tongo Eisen-Martin.

Contributors: Claudia Acevedo-QuiƱones, Abraham Ajani, Austin Alexis, Joel Allegretti, Talal Alyan, John Amen, Oliver Baer, Pichchenda Bao, Tanya M. Beltran, Guy Biederman, Ama Birch, billy cancel, Ian Cappelli, Paul Corman-Roberts, Jeff Cottrill, Carol V. Davis, John Paul Davis, Dr. Deidra Suwanee Dees, Sean Thomas Dougherty, SaraEve Fermin, Cornelius Fortune, Timothy Gager, Emma Ginader, Diane Goettel, Rosalind Goldsmith, Leanne Grabel, Isa Guzman, Tim Hanson, Cindy Hochman, Erica Hoffmeister, Matthew Hupert, Karl Michael Iglesias, Alexis V. Jackson, Kit Kennedy, Ivan Klein, Andrew Kozma, Kate LaDew, Chime Lama, Jane LeCroy, Simon Lowe, Linda Malnack, Loria Mendoza, Anthony Morales, Valerie Nieman, Christy O’Callaghan, Jimmy Pappas, Wanda Phipps, Kenneth Pobo, Nicca Ray, Timothy Ree, Nnadi Samuel, Alan Semerdjian, Robert L. Shuster, Hilary Sideris, Myles Taylor, Aaron Tillman, John J. Trause, Andres Vaamonde, Cleo-Valentin, Alexandra van de Kamp, Carl Watson, Shannon Wolf, Celeste Rose Wood, Janet Jiahui Wu, Anton Yakovlev, and Donald Zirilli

George Wallace interviews Tongo Eisen-Martin

Cover artwork by Amy Brier