Sunday, April 30, 2023

"Many Times the World is just a Prompt" Mt appearance on Kristy Mickelson's W.W.A.A. Podcast

         This is listen only, no You Tube, but what a listen. Kristy Mickelson is a daft professional and I know I keep saying that "this is a good one," but experience (for me) births improvement (for podcast appearances). Kristy was a joy to work with, which made things extremely easy. She is a strong advocate for the disabled, and mother of two autistics, so we talk more on Joe the Salamander then Best of Timothy Gager.  Also in being just plan lucky. See my show notes below

Give a listen!


1. Intro
2. How I got started as a writer (2:14)
3. Undiagnosed A.D.D. and being sent to the Principal's office (2:33)
4. Writing became no longer agony (3:09)
5. My writing process for different types of writing (4:04)
6. Talking about Joe the Salamander and disabled cultural appropriation (5:21)
7. Telling a fictious story based on autism being represented in the right way (7:56)
8. Write what you know but never knowing what's inside of people. What's inside the mailman (8:35) 
9.  "A very special Blossom Episode," why Kristy is NOT on youtube. (8:46)
10. Biggest struggle in the "author world" (9:40)
11. Biggest accomplishment (10:42)
12. The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan. Picking up an unfinished novel after sobriety and finishing it, and the way it was structured.  How did I write a funny book with no less than 4 suicides in it 
13.  MY SOBRIETY, and never knowing how to live. A fiction writer creates narratives about  themselves  The need to change and giving up "my best friend" When you get help there are people just like you! (14:30) 
14.  Initially wanting only two steps of a 12-step program. (18:17)
15.  Back to author questions. What advice to give to new authors? (19:35)
16.  Not remembering what I write (20:20)
17.  Marketing and publicity-hearing the same old stuff. What's new in promotion? It's not "join social media" I talk about genius Anna David's book On Good Authority
18.   Why social media is tired (24:10)
19.  other funny promotional stories....F this mess in Baltimore! (24:40)
20.   This year Best of Timothy Gager and the next three books in my head(26:20). 

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Replay Central...Cold Winter to Awesome Spring


First watch all the readings and interviews from January 2023-April 2023. Then see every recording, and every feature from Vitual Fridays Dire Literary Series, 2020-2022

Remember Winter? BRRRRRRR

1.5.23 Suzanne Frischkorn

1.12.23 Kim Addonizio

1.19.23 Thomas McNeely

1.26.22 Jenna Le

2.2.23 Sarah Bridgins

2.9.23 Lee Matthew Goldberg

2.16.23 Lise Haines

2.23.23 Dr. Paula Perez

3.2.23 Michael Mark

3.9.23 Maya Williams

3.16.23 Hannah Sward

3.23.23 Caitlin Avery

4.6.23 Carla Swartz

4.13.23 Stacy TenHouton

4.20.23 Donna Spruijt-Metz

4.27.23 Morgan Baker

The Rest of the Replay Centrals

Jonathan Papernick, A.K. Small, Aaron Tillman, David Rockland, Kimberly Ann Priest, Sain Griffiths, Harris Gardner, Lisa Taylor, Michael Keith, Jim Shepard, Zach VandeZande, Rusty Barnes, Daniel Nester. Kurk Lovelace (reading from Annemarie O'Connell's book), and Nina Shope

Sara Lippmann, Robin McLean, Gregory Orr, Rich Murphy, Diane Suess, Ron Tanner, Aleathea Drehmer, Christina Adams, Sharon Applegate Greenwald, Lucas Scheelk, 
Joseph Milosch, Barbara Legere, Ellene Glenn Moore, Vincent Cellucci and Chris Shipman

Renuka Raghaven, Jessica Cuello, Jen Knox, Daniel Biegelson, Alison Stine, 
John Rosenthal, Peter Crowley, Maggie Doherty, Erin Khar, Elan Barnehama, 
Marguerite Guzman Bouvard

DeMisty Bellinger, Cheryl Pappas, Matt Bell, Michael Keith, Gloria Mindock, 
Molly Gaudry, CD Collins, Kevin Prufer, Beth Robinson/Chris Joseph, Alina Stefanuscu, Meg Smith, Gregory Wolos, Damian Dressic, Jason Wright, Blake Butler 

Natalie Brobin Bonfig, John Domini, Anna VQ Ross, Rachel Yoder

Sandra Simonds, George Wallace, Caroline Levitt, Charles Coe, Susan Henderson, 
Major Jackson, Kara Vernor, Meredith Goldstein, Kimberly Ann Priest, Joanna Rakoff

Rick Moody , Laurette Folk, Mark Saba, Sarah Anne Johnson, 
Josh Barkan/ Jennifer Haigh, Keetje Kuipers, January O'Neil,  Elle Nash, 
Danielle Zaccagnino, Marty Beckerman, Nathan Graziano , Steven Cramer

Carly Israel, Daphne Kalotay, Ryan Ridge, Marge Piercy, Kerry Beth Neville, 
Yuyutsu Sharma, Chris Joseph, Elizabeth Gordon McKim, Diana Spechler, 
Jonathan Escoffrey, Dewitt Henry, Brian Sonia-Wallace, Rebecca Fishow,
 Marguerite Bouvard, Pamela Painter, Kim Chinquee, Jessica Keener, Amy King




















Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Snowflakes in a Blizzard features my book, "Best of Timothy Gager"


   Even in a blizzard, to go through all of the snow crystals produced would be a daunting task. We rely on cloud physicists, crystallographers, and meteorologists to study snow crystals and explain to us why there are no two snow crystals alike.

    No two books are alike, and no two interviews in the blog, Snowflakes in a Blizzard are alike. Way back when Grand Slams: A Coming of Eggs Story was featured there. 

    Proud to announce that Darrell Laurent decided to feature The Best of Timothy Gager yesterday . You can use the link above to "read all about it." I hope it garners your interest in the book, for which I am honored and proud of. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Recognized, Nominated, Honored, and Humbled Once More


Amazing to receive this in my mailbox!

Dear Tim Gager,

I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out because you were nominated by someone in your community to receive recognition for the 2023 Mass Poetry Community Awards which seeks to recognize, honor and celebrate poets in the Massachusetts area for their 2022 literary achievements as well as the roles they’ve played as Hidden Heroes in their communities.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

My Best Reading Ever: Audience Support Helps

     It's really great when an audience gets it. Poetry, you know the thing that people say, "I don't understand?"

    Well at a packed house, they clapped, laughed, and sighed perfectly and appropriately---they were WITH. It's such a gift when a night like this happens, and I just wanted you to watch it for yourself (filmed by Lee Moss).

Thank you, with much gratitude.