Sunday, June 30, 2019

Honored to have "In The Dark Corner of a Theater" published in Ibbetson 45


Honored to have a poem (above right) in with such fine company at Ibbetson #45. I've been published twelve times by this journal, started in Somerville, Massachusetts.  The issue features poetry from Ravi Yelmanchili, Ted Kooser, DeWitt Henry, Jennifer Barber, Denise Provost, Marge Piercy, Kathleen Spivack and more. 

Also there is an interview with poet Lloyd Schwartz by Doug Holder. Their new art director Jennifer Matthews used a photo by Glenn Bowie for the cover. Small world/Big world! 

The cool thing from Ibbetson is that the acceptance included feedback. 

From Editor, Harris Gardner: Although I enjoyed reading all of your submissions, my favorite is "In The Dark Corner of a Theater". This is a short but packed creation. It is both sensitive and slightly sensual. It borrows a bit, consciously or unconsciously from the Daphne myth (She turns into a tree) It reads, somewhat subtly, like a love poem, definitely a relationship theme. A well-crafted and thoughtful poem.  It is my pleasure to accept "The Dark Corner of a Theater" for Ibbetson Street, #45.

From Publisher/Editor, Doug Holder: Going over the proof of 45 I ran across your poem--really well-done-- a wonderful delicacy to it.

To purchase it, please go HERE