Monday, March 9, 2015

Poem of the moment, "But you forgot, To remember" up today at MassPoetry

Today, Mass Poetry, site of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival posted a poem of mine, which is recover based, "But you forgot, To remember" inspired by Billie Holiday. Have a nice read, love your life...enjoy it!

But you forgot, To remember

It rains cats and dogs
and images of baby animals
made the blues go away

Billie Holiday scratched
to the end, the needle dragged
never piercing her center, which

was glued on, nevertheless,
I related.  Her story intrigued,
I never understood the song’s

connotation, why the singer’s depths
of despair, strung me along with
desperate notes, desperate measures.

Lady-you once spoke to me,
but never knew me, all the times
I slipped this record into the sleeve

Keep sending me stars and the sea
distant is not an obstacle,
for what I believe.

4. But you Forgot to Remember-written in 2013. Published on the Mass Poetry webpage in 2015. Also published in Chief Jay Strongbow is Real, 2017, Big Table Publishing. Metaphors are badass.