Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boston Small Press and Poetry Scene reviews "Anti-Social Network" plus news on a new book.

Can you judge a book by it's cover? According to Dennis Daly, you can't but based on this review, it's a good thing. Dennis hated the cover, which you can see HERE or better yet buy a cover of your own for $9 and the poems will be free. Personally, I love the cover as it's dark, funny and anti-social. Of course I don't expect people to laugh the same way I do at Ted Bundy, Dennis Rodman, Gary Busey and Lindsay Lohan.

Here's the review by Dennis: (Original text appears HERE)

Antisocial Network
By Timothy Gager
Redneck Press
Revere, MA
By way of Mosherville, PA
39 Pages

Review by Dennis Daly

Stabbing the front cover of a poetry chapbook with a butter knife, normally used to slather my toast with marmalade, is no way to start off the day. Later, as I sat in my well-padded reviewing room chanting ommmmmmmmmmm,  ommmmmmmmmm, some anonymous soul again put this book back into my unreceptive hands and I reached for the scissors that I had hidden under the rubber mat. Another betrayal: someone had removed them.

Hours later, having, by secret techniques developed over a lifetime, reached the state of near perfect bliss, I tested myself. I took the aforementioned chapbook, turned it over to its unoffending (and blank) back cover and cracked it. I’m glad I did.

“Beep.  Beep.” The first poem of this book by Timothy Gager, entitled Many Different Positions, appears on page 38 and proves, dare I say it, you can’t tell a book by its cover. At first glance the poem seems overly accessible, a surface piece that conjures up the image of a comical Chihuahua driving an automobile under the directions of a would-be driving instructor. Almost laugh-out-loud funny. But something isn’t right here; beauty and love lurch off the road. Danger and possible death smile down on the scene.  Here’s how the poem ends,

Closing time comes quickly.

You bark, the dog’s going to kill us,
Like going over the waterfall in a barrel,
Or trapped in a theater that’s on fire.

You never looked as lovely as when
We kiss, the car lurches onto the shoulder.

Notice that the woman “barks,” and blames the dog. Intriguing for a last poem, or in our case, dear reader, a first poem.  I turn the page quickly to the penultimate piece, Everything’s Connected. This poem exudes an interesting mixture of innocence, blueberries, and most of all eroticism. The poet does this by seemingly contrasting (lightheartedly, of course) the non-scientific Law of Attraction with its opposite, a universe of probability. Consider these lines,

All magic, illusion…
The law of Attraction
had led me to
pancakes, pie, yogurt
and last night a Blueberry ale
with fruit swirling
around like lottery balls
about to be picked

Attraction is also a theme in About Allison. The poem deals with how we perceive others and, more importantly, how we need them to live up to our perceptions.  The poet’s persona wants a movie star. In fact he invents the movie. That’s not what he gets. The poet says,

I wanted a movie star, you wanted
to move back home where we
cannot take these walks,

and months go by
before you
call yourself an asshole,
for being out of touch,
then say, you think
of me often.

I suspect any poet who tries to convince his audience of his cynical hard-hearted nature may in reality be an unreconstructed (albeit disappointed) romantic. Gager in his very amusing piece entitled Black Heart Candy Company makes his argument,

My next great idea
Marketed for those
Anti-valentine’s day crusaders,
The true cynics who’ll
Gnaw on my little hearts,
And get me rich quick…

In a very different piece called Unwelcomed Guest the poet confronts his addiction and its demons. He’s not quite up for the fight but at least he now knows the score. He also will not back down and that is a good thing. The poet’s persona details his revelations,

you led me to drive down
a one-way the wrong way,
I blamed the Scotch,
started earlier when
it was still dusk
but then the blackness rose
up from below, I recall
I used to imagine hell’s address
was somewhere between my basement
and the center of the earth
but I know now different;
Hell is something
I’ve ingested…

I empathize with the image of hell geographically placed under the poet’s basement. I buy the plausibility of it. I have no doubt that my hell bustles directly beneath my cellar.

A Girl In A Loft, an imagistic piece, draws a line through life and then attempts to breech that boundary with a connecting vision. One side of the line collects an eye lash, panties, an easy breeze, a young girl’s cheek, and a “good morning.” The other side includes a course sofa, a gritty fabric, poverty, a groan, and the phrase “shit to all that.” The last sentence of the poem, “I’d like to know your name,” surprises with its weight and its ability to bridge the structural gap. I really like this almost-a-painting poem.

In the poem Like Moths in the Night the poet mulls over the deaths and survivals of addicted friends. It’s a serious meditation and one of the best poems in the collection. Culpability and guilt by identification enter the measures and are dealt with summarily. The poet’s persona emerges ever watchful with a determination to do no harm. Here is the poem’s ending,

Tonight, the outside air is cool
I feel his noose tighten
when I breathe,
and her needle
leaving a bruise
I feel his brains

blown out, like mine
splattered into the universe

for them, why not
me? I haven’t the guts.

I sit on a porch on a summer night
keeping the lights off
because there is nothing at all in that.

The first poem in the book (or the last, depending on which cover you start from), Ode to Wormwood, Gager constructs as a masterwork. The lyrical tone echoes its deep and rich notes, near prophetically. The attributes of wormwood, bitterness and a concentration of real poison (think alcohol and drugs), contrast and intermix with a wonderful resiliency (think the human spirit). It is this pollution and ultimate poison that kills the addict in the ruins of his soul—a love affair of sorts. The poem begins this way,

Growing on roadsides and wasted places
the wormwood braces itself against wind,
remains strong, please, there is a fierce poison
here, the water will be polluted, the
drink held in your hand, downed fast with eyes closed,
resting on the passage in the Bible…

This is top shelf writing by a prolific and thoughtful poet. I would only humbly suggest that in the future, when he publishes his Selected Works, he takes that book’s cover design in another direction.

The always hard working poet, publisher and  poetry advocate Doug Holder runs Ibbetson Street Press and The Boston Small Press and Poetry Scene. I am thrilled to announce that he will publish a full length book of mine, tentatively titled, "The Shutting Door" in the fall of 2013. It will be new poems, all written after my sobriety date which reflect a new style in my poetry writing, much different than those in "Anti-Social Network", "These Poems are not Pink Clouds", "This is Where You Go When You Are Gone", "We Needed A Night Out" or "The same corner of the Bar".  I'm looking foward to my first full length book of poetry in nine years.

Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm on the Wigleaf Long list--the short and long of it; my circus story honored.

Of course, there are lists and there are lists. Here's a funny one from "A Dose of Buckley". It's not as honorable as the Wig-leaf Top 50!

Every year in May, Wig-leaf displays their Top 50 short fictions. This year it was judged by (not the America's Next Top Model) Danielle Evans, who wrote a nice introduction for the list. It's a strong list with some well deserved and incredible reads.

I am absolutely honored to have made the Long List with my story, "A Circus Story", nominated by Right Hand Pointing, and blogged about HERE.  It appeared in RHP, Issue 47, and was published 1/1/2012, which fit it right under the time frame.

HERE is the short list, with links for the Wig-leaf winners.

MATTHEW  BAKER,   "An Outing After Supper"

  from Booth

JODI  BARNES,   "Reconstruction"

  from Prime Number

AMY  BENSON,   "Crime Is Down All Over"

  from PANK

ANN  BOGLE,   "Meryl Streep Laughed at That"

  from Altered Scale (via Fictionaut)

POLLY  BRESNICK,   "Beauty Marks"

  from elimae

MARK  BUDMAN,   "For the Birds"

  from Atticus Review

STACE  BUDZKO,   "Why We Will Always Love You, Vera Knightville"

  from New World Writing

BRIAN  ALLEN  CARR,   "Bullets"

  from Ostrich Review

KIM  CHINQUEE,   "Cartwheel"

  from Green Mountains Review

ELIZABETH  COLEN,   "Buckshot and Diesel"

  from Spork

DAVID  COTRONE,   "My Brother the Painter"

  from Necessary Fiction


  from Monkeybicycle

PETER  HO  DAVIES,   "Bride of the Future"

  from failbetter.com

OLIVER  DE  LA  PAZ,   "Labryrinth 24-26"

  from Diagram

LILY  DODGE,   "Jonah in the Whale"

  from Spork

HOLLI  DOWNS,   "The Extra Knot"

  from Contrary

GABE  DURHAM,   "In Case of Emergency"

  from Corium

ALEX  EPSTEIN,   "Bereavement"

  from Electric Literature's Recommended Reading

ELISA  GABBERT  and  KATHLEEN  ROONEY,  "The One About Ambivalence"

  from Matter Press

FAITH  GARDNER,   "Second Runner-Up"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly

MOLLY  GAUDRY,  "No-Nation Woman"

  from Barrelhouse

ROXANE  GAY,   "John F. Kennedy"

  from Melville House

AMELIA  GRAY,   "The Swan As Metaphor for Love"

  from JOYLAND


  from elimae

KAWIKA  GUILLERMO,   "Never Let Your Enemy Be Above You"

  from Annalemma

STEVE  HIMMER,   "George Washington"

  from Melville House

CHLOÉ  COOPER  JONES,   "Parachute"

  from The Collagist

MAUREEN  KINGSTON,   "The Pin-Up Calendar or Be Careful What You Wish For"

  from Gone Lawn

MILES  KLEE,   "Five Miniatures"

  from The Collagist

MOLLY  LAICH,   "What People Without Jesus Do"

  from Monkeybicycle

TOM  LAKE,   "The Chambermaid"

  from Witness

PAUL  LISICKY,   "Monster"

  from Mead

MADELINE  MCDONNELL,   "It Was the Summer"

  from The Kenyon Review

MARSHA  MCSPADDEN,   "Seven Since"

  from matchbook

DELANEY  NOLAN,   "How I Gonna Bare My Neck Outside in the Sweat-Scared Morning"

  from Guernica

ETHEL  ROHAN,   "I Love You!"

  from Hobart

JOSEPHINE  ROWE,   "Dixieland"

  from The Iowa Review

DANI  SANDAL,   "Maria in Drag"

  from PANK

GREG  SCHREUR,   "Syncategoremata"

  from > kill author

RION  AMILCAR  SCOTT,   "Chester A. Arthur"

  from Melville House

GLENN  SHAHEEN,   "Enola Gay"

  from Word Riot

MATTHEW  SIMMONS,   "Gerald Ford"

  from Melville House

R.T.  SMITH,   "Col. Othniel Sweet's Mysteries of Nature, #11 (blackbirds)"

  from Blackbird


  from PANK

BECKY  TUCH,   "Luc Bustomanta"

  from Hobart

AUTUMN  WATTS,   "The Cities of Animals"

  from Guernica

BRANDI  WELLS,   "Giant Mutant Kittens"

  from Bluestem

A.  WERNER,   "Mars"

  from NANO Fiction

JOHN  SIBLEY  WILLIAMS,   "The Speed of Progress"

  from Corium

JOSEPHINE  YU,   "A Fable from the Palm-Leaf Manuscript"

  from Juked

HERE is the Longlist

Acker, Lizzy, "The End of Astronomy," FANZINE (April 2012)    
Adcox, James Tadd, "The Separation" NANO FICTION (May 2012)    
Adcox, James Tadd, "Viola Is Sitting on the Examination Table," THE COLLAGIST (February, 2012)    

Alene, Kirsten, "A Really Far Ways Off," SMALL DOGGIES MAGAZINE (September 18, 2012)    
Alexander, Jessica, "If You See Something, Say Something," NEW WORLD WRITING (Winter 2012)    
Alexie, Sherman, "Murder-Suicide," NARRATIVE (Winter, 2012)    
Allan, Angela, "Amelia Fucking Earhart," SMOKELONG QUARTERLY (Issue 36)

Awake, Mikael, "Ant Killer," JUKED (September 9, 2012)     

Barzini, Chiara, "The Wave," EVERYDAY GENIUS (11/29/12)    
Barzini, Chiara, "The Nursery," EVERYDAY GENIUS (11/29/12)    
Baumer, Mark, "Craig Griffey," HOBART (April 2012)    

Beachy, Kyle, "Allegory," JUKED (September 4, 2012)
Becker, Lauren, "Parameters," DARK SKY via BARRELHOUSE (August 2012)    

Becker, Lauren. "If I Would Leave Myself Behind," ATTICUS REVIEW (Volume 2, Issue 11, 20 March, 2012)  

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Brown, Jason Lee, "Left Leg, Just above the Knee," KENYON REVIEW (Spring 2012)    
Butler, Blake, "Let Me Pretty Much Become You," THE FIDDLEBACK (Volume 2, Issue 5)       
Caplan, Benjy , "One Third Cut Tab in Assorted Positions," FLYWHEEL (January 2012)    
Chinquee, Kim, "Flicker," THE LITERARIAN (Issue 11)    
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Farris, Katie, "The Devil’s Face," ANNALEMMA (Feature, undated)    
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The release of chapbook, Anti-Social Network!

Friday, Anti-Social Network, featuring 38 pages of previously published poetry written between 2008-2010, was released. Redneck Press, run by Rusty Barnes graciously published it--with design help from GUD's Sue Miller and Sheri Klak. Laura Cherry helped fine tune the manuscript. I'm very grateful for the release of my ninth book.

The poems are very anti-social. Poems written in the final year of some destructive behavior on my part. It shows in the work, work I am proud to send out in the world under a Facebook parodied cover. It can be purchased from me for $9 through paypal, ctgager37@yahoo.com, or at one of my readings or through Redneck Press.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"The Last Time In The Woods" published today in Poetica's debut issue

One of my newer styled poems, "The Last Time in The Woods" came out in Mark Murphy's Poetica today. It's a new journal featuring some poets whose work I'm familiar with. The story behind this poem would be a  rather long tell. I'll show, not tell.

Here's the full line-up of poets. Read them!

Afzal Moolla
Allyson Grayhurst
Ben Howard
Elizabeth Cohen
Fraser Mackay
Joanna Ballard
John W. Sexton
Kevin Ridgeway
Marie Lecrivain
Mepa Taufa-Vuni
Michael J. Whelan
Niall O'Connor
Scott C. Kaestner
Teisha Twomey
Timothy Gager
Victor D. Infante