Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There is a direct relationship between....

sending this:

Dear Editor,
I was hoping you’d consider nominating my work you published for The Pushcart Prize. My thoughts are that if you haven't nominated yet, you’ve already found the poem/story worthy of placement of your fine journal, why not? Here’s the webpage for nominations.  Thanks for your consideration..
Timothy Gager

and receiving this:
3 Pushcart Nominations.

To further the study you can do this:

send the following to

Pushcart Press
P.O. Box 380
New York 11975.

Dear Pushcart Editor

My name is _________ and I am a _________.  Please  consider (
by using your superb editing skills) Timothy Gager's work. I would purchase your next anthology if  Timothy Gager is included.




Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review of Treating A Sick Animal--Boston Small Press and Poetry Scene

The first review is up from one of the leaders and champions of the Small Press, Mr. Doug Holder 
(and it's fantastic!).

To order pay $15 through Paypal: ctgager37@yahoo.com 
or e-mail me through that address and I'll tell you where to send a check.

Treating A Sick Animal: Flash and Micro Fictions. Timothy Gager. (Cervena Barva Press PO BOX 44035 W. Somerville, Mass. 02144) $15. http://www.cervenabarvapress.com

The noted author Steve Almond once stated that Timothy Gager was one of his favorite local writers. I can see why. Gager shares Almond’s sense of irony, razor sharp wit, he deftly explores the ying and yang of relationships and this capricious thing we call “Love.”

This book titled, “Treating a Sick Animal: Flash and Micro Fictions” published by Somerville’s Cervena Barva Press, is a collection of flash fiction; very short pieces, where like poetry every word counts. Gager is an accomplished poet and this serves him well in this genre. In his piece “Why couples have pets,” a cat provides a mirror to a relationship that has lost its flame:

“Today she’s late for work. Late too, with other things. Damn cat can’t be found. It’s nine o’clock and she has decided to get rid of it. That decision upsets me, but mistakes happen—that time we made love under a blanket at Ocean City, plush towel in her mouth so the beach couldn’t hear.

Now she is late and she runs for the cat.”

And in his lead story “How to Care for a Sick Animal” Gager uses the conceit of a man treated like a dog (literally) by his girlfriend and a rather clueless veterinarian. Here, the girlfriend wishes the hapless man a fond farewell before he is put to sleep; their relationship relegated to its final resting place…or it was great fun, but hey, it was just one of those things, just one of those fabulous flings:

“After Dr. Jones left, Gracie approaches the table. “So how are you doing boy? I’m sorry that it has to end this way. There’s nothing I can do for you. Awwww…don’t look at me with those sad eyes. It’ll be ok. I just want you to know that I'm not going to go out and get a new dog anytime soon,ok? Oh, Todd you were my best friend and I loved you, but can’t you see I need to do this?” Helen entered the room with various snout sized Halothane masks and Gracie gave Todd a hug goodbye.”

Don't expect Gager to get sentimental on you--he is too much of a realist for that. But behind the dark Bukowski bombast there is still a glimmer-- that light of the hopeful romantic.

Highly Recommended.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Two video poems published at Shape of a Box--(those are really my feet)



Maybe it was the beer I had at 4:30,
the day before my appointment,
leading to…more beer,
bourbon with hot lemon and honey
(for my cold) then scotch
on the rocks, a favorite
nightcap for the drive home,
take it slow buddy….take it slow.

8 AM at the Office of Deeds
I’ll say anything to go home,
I’m a liberal with a wrongful arrest record,
I’m a social worker and I’m needed,
I know the victim today,
which case?
All of them.

I’m guilty.
They’ll all guilt today…
or innocent,
whichever comes quickest.


Her entire life flashes in front of my car,
in the dusty parking lot of the VFW,
when my Alva’s pocketbook spills out.
I edge my foot slightly off the break,
tempted to move it onto the gas,
like the stooped over the wheel
geriatric, today on Main Street,
who misplaced his pedals,
possibly for a hat,
rammed his Oldsmobile
into a coffee shop, in the middle
of a sun blinded afternoon.

But Alva, smoky, sloppy and boozy,
is not like the surprised customers,
whose mugs and saucers flew shattering
against the hard tiled floor, the sounds combined
with the screaming, and the screaming…yet,
no one died or will die today but it was close.
Alva cackles, “hold your horses, Timothy”
not once, but twice and I feel myself getting older
each and every second.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Book is available BEFORE official release

Treating a Sick Animal available through me...I have copies now before Cervena Barva's official release. 



$15 includes free shipping. Paypal ctgager37@yahoo.com, or use that to e-mail me.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Somerville News Writers Festival VII

For all the Festival information on our 7th year.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two published flash stories, Night Train and Suss: Another Literary Journal

A Little Slice Of is a story I'm proud of and Rusty Barnes who published it in Night Train e-mailed me the following:

"That piece you gave me to post is one of the best short-shorts I've ever read."

Well,  he's read a lot of great work so it's very generous praise, but my jaw certainly dropped.

Perhaps, the female protagonist, pictured to the left..

Then in Suss: Another Literary Journal, "Somewhere on the Edge", appeared. This was a flash that revolved around a woman, drug and alcohol rehab and a monkey named Pluto. (No the monkey wasn't in rehab)

The last line "I didn't want to leave."  had four meanings with her not wanting to leave  1) the rehab, 2) him 3) the restaurant 4) her relationship with drinking.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Treating A Sick Animal

The cover is set...

Blurbs on the back

Timothy Gager's stories came at us like a brisk punch to the heart. His characters are profane and tender, dazed and confused, out of work and short on options. And yet they remain stubbornly vibrant, these damaged children of Bukowski, illuminated by their desires and inflamed by unreasonable hopes.

-Steve Almond

Timothy Gager is a compelling and unforgettable writer. These bold and witty little stories limn the peculiarities, and sometimes alarming behavior, of our human species.

-John Sheppard

As good an orator you'll find, Timothy Gager flashes a gleam in the eyes while carrying a slouch in the shoulders. His fiction connects to the giggling man as well as it does to the sad man.

-Matt DiGangi
editor, publisher and founder of THIEVES JARGON

This book is a trip-- or actually it is 40-plus quick and vivid trips into Timothy Gager's untamed fictional terrain. Sometimes surreal, sometimes all-too-real, these Flash Fictions always surprise. Fasten your readerly seatbelt, choose your own adventure and enjoy the wild rides.

-Elizabeth Searle

Timothy Gager’s flash fictions are full of flashes of insight into the great human predicament.

-Michael Kimball,

Some of the Stories and where they appeared:

The Big Toe Review: “How to Care for a Sick Animal,”
Right Hand Pointing: “In and Out”
Thieves Jargon: “The Best Interest of the Child,” “Daddy,” “All because they had enough children,” “Coach,” “Punchless Jimmy Collins,” “FuTuReTube”
Long Short Story: “Hidden Hoboken
Twelve Stories: “Your Vasectomy Journal”
Trailer Park Quarterly: “What’s An Atheist Doing Behind the Wheel”
Not Just Air: “Jealousy,” “Someone will come upon a savior”
Tuesday Shorts: “Cheers to Sylvia Plath,” “Why Couples Have Pets,”
Mourning Silence: “Paying For It”
Zygote in my Coffee: “The Top of Grace’s Upper Lip,” “The things you do Remember,” “Canvas”
Poor Mojo’s Almanac: “Mother and Daughter,” “The Flounderer”
Penguin: “Searching for My Bukowski”
Dogzplot: “Coney Island is Dead”
Litsnack: “Vex”
The Smoking Poet: “This Really was Love”
Slurve: “Brophy is in the Air,” “Ferry Boat to God,” “The Cheeseburger and The Cherry Jubilee Flambé”
VerbSap: “Joeseph”
Letter X: “Through the Trees”
Silent Actor: “Just Dessert”
New Graffiti: “The Chicken Factor”
55 Word: “Graveyard Shift” as “Overnight Shift”
Scapegoat Review: “The Short Marriage of a Bride and Groom”
Skive: “You Did Not Hear the Ping
Word Riot: “A Tavern, 6 PM
The Askew Review: “Feed Your Head”  
971 menu: “How do you fix it?”