Wednesday, May 29, 2024

REPLAY CENTRAL, Virtual Replay for Virtual Thursdays Dire, WINTER 2024


 Doug Crandall

Matthew Olzmann


Martin Ott 

MP Carver


Phil Temples

William Orem

Mag Gabbert


 Robert Fleming 

Danielle Legros George


Michael Keith

Mark Wish


The Rest of the Replay Centrals

Marianne Leone, Tiffany Davenport, Jennifer Friedman Lang, Ray Guidrox, Gary Grossman, Elizabeth McKim, Carla Panciera, Dr. Dannagal G. Young, Ellis Elliot, Enzo Silon Surin, Josh Barkan, Laura Zigman, Tom Laughlin

Spring/Summer 2023 (links to website)
Jane Roper, John Wesick, Jennifer Martelli, John Fulton, Tricia Barker Barton, Cynthia Atkins, Katie Moulton, Yael Goldstein Love, Julia Lisella

Suzanne Frischkorn, Kim Addonizio, Thomas McNeely, Jenna Le, Sarah Bridgins, Lee Matthew Goldberg, Lise Hanes, Dr. Paula Perez, Michael Mark, Maya Williams, Hannah Sward, Caitlin Avery, Carla Swartz, Stacy TenHouton, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Morgan Baker

Jonathan Papernick, A.K. Small, Aaron Tillman, David Rockland, Kimberly Ann Priest, Sain Griffiths, Harris Gardner, Lisa Taylor, Michael Keith, Jim Shepard, Zach VandeZande, Rusty Barnes, Daniel Nester. Kurk Lovelace (reading from Annemarie O'Connell's book), and Nina Shope

Sara Lippmann, Robin McLean, Gregory Orr, Rich Murphy, Diane Suess, Ron Tanner, Aleathea Drehmer, Christina Adams, Sharon Applegate Greenwald, Lucas Scheelk, 
Joseph Milosch, Barbara Legere, Ellene Glenn Moore, Vincent Cellucci and Chris Shipman

Renuka Raghaven, Jessica Cuello, Jen Knox, Daniel Biegelson, Alison Stine, 
John Rosenthal, Peter Crowley, Maggie Doherty, Erin Khar, Elan Barnehama, 
Marguerite Guzman Bouvard

DeMisty Bellinger, Cheryl Pappas, Matt Bell, Michael Keith, Gloria Mindock, 
Molly Gaudry, CD Collins, Kevin Prufer, Beth Robinson/Chris Joseph, Alina Stefanuscu, Meg Smith, Gregory Wolos, Damian Dressic, Jason Wright, Blake Butler 

Natalie Brobin Bonfig, John Domini, Anna VQ Ross, Rachel Yoder

Sandra Simonds, George Wallace, Caroline Levitt, Charles Coe, Susan Henderson, 
Major Jackson, Kara Vernor, Meredith Goldstein, Kimberly Ann Priest, Joanna Rakoff

Rick Moody , Laurette Folk, Mark Saba, Sarah Anne Johnson, 
Josh Barkan/ Jennifer Haigh, Keetje Kuipers, January O'Neil,  Elle Nash, 
Danielle Zaccagnino, Marty Beckerman, Nathan Graziano , Steven Cramer

Carly Israel, Daphne Kalotay, Ryan Ridge, Marge Piercy, Kerry Beth Neville, 
Yuyutsu Sharma, Chris Joseph, Elizabeth Gordon McKim, Diana Spechler, 
Jonathan Escoffrey, Dewitt Henry, Brian Sonia-Wallace, Rebecca Fishow,
 Marguerite Bouvard, Pamela Painter, Kim Chinquee, Jessica Keener, Amy King

Virtual Thursdays Dire Literary Series Schedule, Summer 2024


6:  Susan Zailkind

20: Jessica Blau


11: Gregory Wolos

26:  FRIDAY SPECIAL with Melissa Cundieff


8.   Wendy J Fox

22:  John Amen

Friday, May 10, 2024

Audio Book Version of Grand Slams released TODAY. Get it and/or get it free!

 Today is the release date for the audio book version of Grand Slams: A Coming of Eggs Story

You can get it for free with a free trial:

On Audible 

On Amazon

Click to read the previous blog entry about the voice actors and production crew

Want a free link? Message me on any social media I am on. Just ask, Audible gives me free promo links to give away!


Also same deal with Joe the Salamander, released February 2024

On Audible 

On Amazon

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

ANY DAY NOW: Next up in audiobooks: "Grand Slams: A Coming of Eggs Story"


The audiobook version of 2014's Grand Slams: A Coming of Eggs Story, due out any day, features an ensemble of talented voices. Spearheading the production of Grand Slams was Shannon Clare McDermott, who voiced the audiobook version of Joe the Salamander.

Shannon's other credits can be viewed on her BACKSTAGE PAGE

Upon finishing she posted on her Instagram:

Also featured are the vocal talents of Emmanuel Mendes-Chumaceiro (he has a lot of credits too),
Richard Jordan an actor and established casting agent and Writer, Director, Filmaker Chris R. Notarile

The three do a bang up job as the voices of Bill Maloney, Joe Keating, Kayak Kenny---heck, most of the male characters.

Richard Jordan, Chris Notarile 
ad Emanuel Mendes-Chumaceiro