Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Nourish-Poetry publishes "My Name is Paul. (after Trouble Boys)" in their very first issue

According to EGW Publishing: This first issue features over 70 poems, over 50 haiku and includes poems and haiku by the following authors: Juan Felipe Herrera (U.S. Poet Laureate 2015-2017), Roald Hoffman (Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry 1981) and Naomi Shihab Nye (Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets 2010-2015). Poetry is in the air, in the dirt, in the bugs and butterflies, in your old shoes and truck, in the fabric of what it is to be human. During these politically charged times, so much of what is printed confines your thoughts like a bird in a cage, poetry liberates that bird into the sky. With our mutual love of poetry, please help us to spread the word, sow the seeds, pollinate the flowers and set the birds free.

 My poem, My Name is Paul, was included in the Nourish-poetry Issue 1 anthology. The poem, also published in the book Chief Jay Strongbow is Real , is a "found poem" based on the lyrics of Paul Westerberg,, and was written after I read  Trouble Boys by Bob Mehr. 

The poem:

My Name is Paul

After Trouble Boys


Sylvia Plath made the pillows

and I’ve grown up, forever

too late and pill-popping.


Here I go, passing out over

an oven door. It’s better

to contemplate getting off


the sofa, being proficient

at making my basement public

instead of sequestering there—why


not the kitchen, where everyone hangs

wrecked loose, not never drinking, certainly

I know why, how I have kept brave; 


today, there’s a four year old boy

still hiding, If someone comes seeking,

I’m here, but they can’t see me.

 found here (which I believe was a tribute to the late Bob Stinson):


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