Monday, July 27, 2020

Interview with Doug Holder, Poet to Poet, Writer to Writer show

     I've been interviewed by the venerable Doug Holder on his show often, and it's always an honor. Doug and I shoot it about the new Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series, my unsigned novel, Big Table Publishing, writing as a sober person vs. not sober, and then I read a few poems from Spreading Like Wild Flowers and two new ones.

To hear me read more watch for

8.6 Boston Poetry Marathon Reading
8.11 Cervena Barva 25th Anniversary Reading Series

Here is mine, and Doug's new "best of" both published by Big Table Publishing.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Assiduous Dust Podcast Interview by Josh Corwin, where I talk about a whole lot of things.

I met Joshua Corwin at my Virtual Dire Literary Series, and am grateful to be invited on his podcast.  Link on Spotify below. My part of the podcast starts at around the 63 minute mark. I talk about writing, what I was like as a 12 year old, The Dire Series, and my novel, Joe the Salamander where the protagonist, Joe is a neurodiverse individual--- which probably is the reason, Josh Corwin and I connected.  

Some quotes: "12 year old Timmy would not know what the fuck that poem was about"

"Writers need to wear their bruises and their trauma like pride"

"When I"m writing my inner editor is screaming at me, "YOU SUCK" and I need to be like, "screw you." and when I'm done, "Shut up!"

“What I like about the indy bookstore is that it’s a comfortable little meeting place, and each store has a certain character to it. Each indy bookstore is different in different ways. Indies are also friendly to indy writers.”

Below is the show and description, taken directly from 


Assiduous Dust #8:
Marc Olmsted + Timothy Gager

July 10, 2020
Host Joshua Corwin interviews award-winning poets Marc Olmsted and Timothy Gager. Olmsted shares about sex with Allen Ginsberg & meditation with Rinpoche Chögyam Trungpa; Gager gives us a sneak peek at his new autism novel. Listen to them share their latest work and create on-the-spot poems with your host.

Los Angeles native Joshua Corwin is a neurodiverse, Pushcart-nominated poet with a B.A. in mathematics and a minor in philosophy from Pitzer College ('19). His debut poetry collection, Becoming Vulnerable, details his experience with autism, addiction, sobriety and spirituality (Baxter Daniels Ink Press/International Word Bank). Corwin hosts the poetry podcast “Assiduous Dust,” home of the on-the-spot collaborative poem (OTSCP). He teaches self-exploration through poetry to neurodiverse addicts in recovery at The Miracle Project, an autism nonprofit, held at The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, California. He writes to honor his grandpa, Mert, whose last words to him were “Don’t ever stop writing.”

Monday, July 6, 2020

Summer's Wilderness House Literary Review is out! Read the fiction I selected.

Here's the list for the July 2020 issue, that I am honored to read, and select as their editor.

How is the Wilderness during the pandemic? I mean, stay the F home. Actually, stay the F home and read these wonderful fiction pieces.

Click the links below for each work of fiction or go to the full issue of Wilderness House Literary Review. 

WHLR 58th issue (Volume 15, no 2) - July 2020

And, of course, wear masks, because you don't want to miss the beach

Also while you're in there here's the full catalog from 



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