Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Bigger than Charles Atlas

Metazen (since today is Tuesday) published a story that I wrote with Elizabeth Rawlins called Bigger than Charles Atlas. The story is not at all based on this advertisement since Jesus has nothing to do with Charles Atlas, but there is a sand in the face reference.

We wrote it within personal messsages on Facebook. Metazen has also published such folks as Alexandra Isacson, Howie Good, Mel Bosworth and Jen Michalski.

Here's what they say about themselves:

metazen pub­lishes sto­ries by var­i­ous authors

metazen pub­lishes poems

metazen pub­lishes new con­tent every sin­gle day


metazen has a schedule:

mon­day- a story is published
tues­day- a story is published
wednes­day- a story is published
thurs­day- a story is published
fri­day- a story is published
sat­ur­day- a ‘lit­er­ary sat­ur­day morn­ing car­toon’ is published
sun­day- a “best of metazen” is (usu­ally) published


Ian Thal said...

It's amazing how Charles Atlas has become part of American mythology. I keep coming across riffs on him-- mostly in comics, of course.

But it's a simple story and so lends itself to that mythological presentation.

ctgager37 said...

Thanks Ian. Those magazine ads which were in so many of the magazines I used to read as a kid were like early reality TV in print. But it was only one episode, the one where the scrawny kid becomes the "real man" and punches out the mean ol' Jersey Shore guy.

Ian Thal said...

I know those adds full well. Recently came across a series that Bill Griffith did in Zippy the Pinhead on Charles Atlas-- and then there was Grant Morrison's surrealist take on Atlas: "Flex Mentallo, Man of Muscle Mystery."

As I said, he's now part of the American mythology: scrawny young man is bullied and humiliated on the beach in front of his love interest, answers an ad in the back of a magazine and is soon even more muscular than the bully, whom he bests in a fist fight, proving that he's a real man.

ctgager37 said...

And this was the pre-steroid era!

Anonymous said...

Charles Atlas is a registered trademark owned by Charles Atlas, Ltd. and the ad that is posted entitled "Hey Skinny" and it is also a trademarked ad owned by Charles Atlas, Ltd. 2010 All Rights Reserved www.charlesatlas.com

ctgager37 said...

OK, Mr. Anonymous. How do I contact you?