Saturday, October 27, 2012

An affair to remember? On the theme of "how we fall out of love" in Unshod Quills

Wendy Ellis and Dena Rash Guzman released Unshod Quills, Edition Six in the shadows of the night with the following themes to write about:

1) Godzilla
2) Milk
3) Other Lovers
4) How We Fall Out of Love
5) This Whole Time
and 6) Gauntlet

 I submitted a piece under theme #4 titled, "Some Things You Might Not Have Realized" and I'm honored to have made the cut. 

We all know about falling in love. The butterflies,  need to be with your lover and the longing you have when you are not together. It takes a lot to fall out of love. Sometimes it just takes time or perhaps another person. Your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend's indiscretions may make you fall out of love. Has it been obvious? Scratches on the back? Something that showed up in the legal system?

We all have excuses. We got those from swimming, right? Yeah, right. 

(Don't you love the spelling of "bear" here. I love me some youtube)

Here is the full table of contents for Unshod Quills-Issue Six, and as always, read and support!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back to the archive, Dogzplotz Sept. 2009, "They Did Not Want to Know"

You haven't seen much of me around lately because I have nothing new out, so I'm hitting up the archive from Barry Graham's Dogzplot, September 16, 2009 The micro piece is, They Did Not Want to Know, and is about denial. It's about death and it's about overdosing, which makes it difficult to say "enjoy the read", so instead I will remind people to appreciate the life you have--as it's the only one you got. On November 6, God willing, I will have not had a drink or a drug for two years. That is a miracle.

Look for my new work. There will be plenty new in print and on the web coming out soon.

As always, "Don't waste life's time."

Monday, October 8, 2012

Official Line-up for "Men in the Company of Women"

With cover art by Carlos Scalise

Ladies and Gentlemen

Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House
Proudly Presents 
Men in the Company of Women

              A Razor
              Aad de Gids
              Albert George Geiser
              Andrew Kreider
              Andy Flatt
              Angel Uriel Perales
              Anthony Di Matteo
              Arne Torneck
              Ben Trigg
              Bill Friday
              Bill Kowalski
              Brian Heffron
              Bud Koenemund
              Carlos Scalise
              Chris J. Miller
              Christopher D. Sims
              Dan Capriotti
              Daniel Armstrong
              David Mallinson
              David McIntire
              Dexuality Valentino
              Dom Gabrielli
              Don Kingfisher Campbell
              Donal Mahoney
              Dowell Oba
              Duane Kirby Jensen
              Dwayne St. Romain
              E.L. Freifeld
              E.R. Sanchez
              Evan Dunn
              Floyce Alexander
              Frank Mundo
              G. Thomas Edwards
              Greg Patrick
              Hart D. Fisher
              Herb Schmidt
              Jack Cooper
              James Berkowitz
              Jason Brain
              Jason Maul
              Jayson Pida
              Jerry Garcia
              Jhon Baker
              Joey Frey
              Joey Alkes
              Jonathan Taylor
              Johnny Wright
              JR Phillips
              Kenyon Adams
              Kevin Craig
          Kevin M. Hibshman
         Kris Huelgas
         Kushal Poddar
         Len Kuntz
         Lewis Gardner
         Loring Wirbel
         Luke Prater
         M. Frias-May
         Mark Blickley
         Mark Wisniewski
Martin Willitts, Jr.
         Matthew Nadelson
         Max Elliot Anderson
Mel Green
         Michael Hanson
         Michael Lee Johnson
         Michael Rothenberg
         Michael Wayne Holland
         Mick Jones
         Mitchell Noel Kelly
         Nair Pradeep
         Nicholas Damion Alexander
         Nicholas Vaughn
         Pawan Hira
         Phillip Maguire
         Radomir Vojtech Luza
         Ramshackle Tim
Rich Follet
         Rick Lupert
         R.E. (Rick) Smith
Rob Dakin
         Robert Wynne
Roger Cornish
         Scott Miller
         Scott Alixander Sonders
         Sean Cole
         Spencer Slater
         Stephen Futral
         Steven Gadberry
         Steven Sassmann
         Sumio Matsuda
         Taylor D. Mackintosh
         Terin Tashi Miller
         Thomas Kent
         Timothy Gager
         Tomas' O'Carthaigh
         Trevor Maynard
         Troy Pickens
         Vox Anon
         Will Crawford
         Wyatt Underwood

Will some this question by answered? Buy this and find out.