Monday, February 28, 2022

Hell, I'm going to answer Richard Fox's questions too, as we're features in 2/22's Boston Literary Magazine

    Two years after Big Table Publishing was started by Robin Stratton, Boston Literary Magazine began. I have strong positive feelings about Big Table, as they published five of my books so far. 

    Boston Literary Magazine has been a print journal, an on-line journal and the new awakening is having spotlight features. Today I was featured with Richard Fox, in February 2022's issue. , where each of us were asked three questions. 

Click the link to see how I answered: 

Do you have a favorite dinosaur?

What has been the biggest setback in your writing career?

What do you consider your best poem and why?

But when I clicked the link, Richard answered two different questions, so if I can indulge myself here, I'd like to answer his:

BLM: Where were you when you heard John Lennon had been killed?

I was in an apartment on College Avenue, in Newark Delaware. I was watching in my room, Patriots-Dolphins, and Cosell announced it. A lot of people got the news from Monday Night Football. My initial reaction was 'who would assassinate a musician?' It was just crazy.

BLM: When people ask "What kind of poetry do you write?" how do you answer?

My poetry is very language, sound, and metaphor based. I write visually, but image wise in the actual writing falls behind in frequency. Language is fun. I love word-play, and double meaning as well as explosive, interesting words themselves....words I'd never use in everyday conversation

Friday, February 25, 2022

...and the back cover

 I can't wait to hold the whole thing in my hands. Just a few more months...