Wednesday, October 25, 2023

A 2023 Pushcart Nomination!

      Always such an honor to be nominated. Thank you Robin Stratton and Big Table Publishing for the nomination, and for publishing many of my books. Although I Never Called You Beautiful does not appear on-line. It is within the pages Best of Timothy Gager: Poems, Essays, and Stories, 2002-2022. It also appears in another secret book, whish is sort of like a secret menu  item---and only one of those exists in the world. So, there's that. So very grateful to be nominated for the 18th time.

                                           Maybe #18 will be the charm?

This poem is not published on-line

Monday, October 16, 2023

A 2-fer and I'm happy to have flash fiction "Labor Day at the Border Café" published in 10 X 10

      Labor Day at the Border Café a flash fiction went live today on 10 X 10 Flash, Issue 12. 

The journal is Zvi Sesling's marvelous creation and is in the link below.

click here for 10 X 10 Issue 12

The Story Behind the Story:

    One of the first Tex-Mex Restaurants in my area  was The Border Café in Harvard Square (The El  Phoenix Room was the other. I could never get past the redundant "The El"). Boy, years back, would I go there and pre-game before any Cambridge event. 

That one closed in 2020, but I would drive to the other Burlington to enjoy their food, but no longer the Margaritas. Interesting thing happened there the last time I went, and I've not been back since. You can read about it in this issue of  10 X 10 Flash Fiction, Issue 12. The piece is personal and partially true.. 

Actually, I sat in the booth right here---inside. After all, it was raining. 

Friday, October 13, 2023

Thrilled to have a new poem in Live Nude Poems

 I don't submit work all that often anymore, but I always want to submit to Heather Sullivan and Rusty Barnes who put out Live Nude Poems. 

If you are sunk in a sea so silent who are you left hanging with? There are all kinds of deep sea critters, perhaps too ugly to cuddle up to. When the narrator says to them, looking up from the ocean, "nobody likes you," he could be referring to himself---hence, some "double-meaning love" within the words. You are just like them, and just like an abandoned sunken ship.  The other double-meaning  found within is that the moon features fields of basaltic lava referred to as seas, because early astronomers mistakenly thought they contained water. 

Also "metaphor love" about the end of a friendship, 
and very often the silence accompanying that. 

Imagine habitating with the likes of...

photo by Lisa Haley



Like the title says. 

lNP is a simple blog journal no frills (see masthead above) except the editors who know a thing are two about a thing or two. Funny thing about the sub-title you know it came from people asking, "What's Live NudePoems?" Well, it's like the title say, so, take a hike, son.  

If you dive into their submissions statement, you'll find this (so yahoo!):

In trying to sum up what our aesthetic at Live Nude Poems will be, we are drawn to the idea and function of poetry.  In our opinion, we’ve always believed that poetry must serve a purpose – to enlighten, to explain and by doing so, bring a greater understanding of self.  We have a job to do as poets, even if only to better know our own humanity.  We're certainly not here to argue what art is or why we write.  We write because we have to, and the work is unique to each of us.  Knowing that, we would like to showcase poetry that breathes and presents moments in time, work that helps us understand you, tells a story, changes the reader--if only for a second.


Thursday, October 5, 2023

My Appearance on Eternally Amy podcast....My links to 2023 podcasts.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Host Amy Liz Harrison is the mother of eight, a Gen Xer, Recovery Champ, and Best Selling Author hosted me his spring -- I talk about....well, read about it below on Amy's Instagram teaser. As an interviewer, she is GREAT!
Please, listen to the entire podcast on where
I invent the phrase "When you're a piece of dogshit, you're already on the ground" and "If my Higher Power is Meatloaf, I don't want to force that on a vegan."