Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Five Poems in the Fall 2017 Issue of Muddy Water Poetry Review

Brookline was known as the hamlet of Muddy River (a river which today makes up part of the Brookline-Boston border) and was considered a part of Boston until the Town of Brookline was independently incorporated in 1705. Its name is derived from the brooks that created the town lines with the former towns of Brighton and Roxbury, which are both now parts of Boston.

Poet Zvi Sesling is the poet laureate of Brookline, Ma and editor of the Muddy River Poetry Review. See how it all connects? Anyway, he asked me to be one of the features for their Fall Issue and included are five of my poems

Day One: The Day After  
(the dope is that it's about a relapse)

Red Barn
(the dope is that it's about the dope we call President) 

Bringing a Monkey to Work
(the dope is that it's about employment in general, and bring your "pets" to work)

The Truth About Pastels
(the dope is that it's about the color of people's skin)

Still there Are Boxes
(the dope is that it's about a lover moving out)

Also in this issue are
Timothy Gager -- Feature
Wendy Drexler -- Feature

Hello, Snowflakes

Darrell Laurant is a person who likes to feature indy authors from the herd and make them stand out. Today he featured my book Grand Slams, on his site, Snowflakes in a Blizzard. It sort of offers a one stop shopping for the promotion of the book. There are comments from me, reviews, the backstory, where to purchase and bits and pieces from interviews I'd previously given. Laurant is there to help and asks nothing in return---not your usual generosity in today's day and age.

Yes the word snowflake now has a loaded meaning, often used as a negative word for liberals, which in itself has become a negative word. How the hell did that happen? Of course the blizzard that took place during The Shining shows that snowflakes have a whole lot of power behind them

Snowflake (n) noun: the young adults of the 2010s, viewed as being less resilient and more prone to taking offense than previous generations

 So anyway, I'm not going all political on you. If you want to see or read that, there is always Twitter where you can follow me @timothygager , where I can still tweet all my love directly to @realdonaldtrump

Monday, October 2, 2017

Now it can be posted: My TV inteview with Doug Holder. If you heard it, see it!

Thanks to Doug Holder, the honorary Charlie Rose of The Paris of New England--plus a fine fellow and a really great poet. After this I'm sure you'd like to pick up a copy of "Chief Jay Strongbow is Real"

Interview first--on writing, politics, the national anthem controversy.

The readings from "Chief Jay Strongbow is Real" start at the 20:00 minute mark.

AT 21:00 the poem, "Methinks We Protest" (a found poem quoted from Hanna Arendt, Malcolm X, Stalin and Shakespear.

AT  22:20 "Throw Certainty Out in the Air like a Lasso" for Alton Sterling

AT 23:45 "Chief Jay Strongbow is Real"

AT 26:02, "Sobriety"

AT 26:45 "When We Talk About Love"

It's amazing we remembered what we said on the podcast...EXACTLY.