Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Joe the Salamander (the short story) has a new home...moved to The Coil

 Read the story HERE in The Coil.

UPDATE 7/4/22: If you found this page LOOKING FOR THE NOVEL, Linked here

Many hundreds of kilometers west of Tokyo, in the mountains of Okayama prefecture, lies a tiny river valley where the Japanese giant salamander is venerated as a god. Every year for close to half a century now, the village of Yubara Onsen has held the Hanzaki Festival to honor this most local of deities.

And don't forget the Salamander Festival in Homewood, Alabama (not Phoenix) where according to their organizers: Spotted salamanders spend nearly their entire lives underground living in forest burrows. They come out once a year to mate and lay their eggs in a vernal pool (a wetland pool that dries up in the summer). Spotted salamanders need habitat in a forest and in wetland pools. Spotted salamanders are harmless, cute and cool. At the salamander festival you will learn more about different kinds of salamanders from biologists at the festival. You can also learn about frogs, turtles, fish, birds and other animals!

Which brings us to Joe's history--born in Jon Konrath's "Air in the Paragraph Line" journal and then republished in Go Read Your Lunch by my friends at Alt Current. A novel length version is simmering in my head and has been for months

These fine folks have consolidated their old works and journals, plus various pieces bouncing around into their  journal, The Coil. It's a nifty, attractive place where you can go and read some great stuff.