Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Autumn 2020: Featured at Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series (and a few bonus videos)

 This blog starts in 5...4...3...2...1. 

Okay. That is how I count out most of the beginnings of these videos. Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series started in April, but I didn't start recording until July---enough to have all the Fall line-up to captured below. 

Things had not been fool-proof production wise as Jessica Keener's reading was caught on video after she started, and I didn't have a decent microphone until October.  

Also if you want to look ahead. Here is the Winter Schedule

To see more videos of Dire features in the future, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. The zoom recordings may look small, but the live stream on the Facebook platform gets 300 views, plus the YouTube videos get another few hundred. That's quite a crowd for a reading!

9/11, Carly Israel 

9/18, Daphne Kalotay

9/25, Ryan Ridge

10/2, Marge Piercy

10/9, Kerry Beth Neville

10/16, Yuyutsu Sharma

10/23, Chris Joseph

10/30, Elizabeth Gordon McKim

11/6, Diana Spechler

11/13, Jonathan Escoffrey

11/20, Dewitt Henry

11/27, Brian Sonia-Wallace

12/4, Rebecca Fishow

12/11, Marguerite Bouvard

12/18, Pamela Painter


Here are a few from the summer, when I first started recording these. 

7/31, Kim Chinquee

8/7, Jessica Keener

8/21, Amy King

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