Sunday, December 17, 2023

Is your 2024 Resolution to finish or start a book? I can help.


Accepting applicants for January, 2024


I've been part of a daily writing group since April 2020 on ZOOM, which I now facilitate. It's an accountability group where we write daily for 1 PM - 2 PM EST. On Friday we have feedback groups, and special lessons on writing craft, promotion, social media, among other topics. 

  • Virtual hour-long weekday writing sessions at 10 am PT facilitated by writing coach and author Tim Gager
  • Special guests every month
  • A supportive group of peers working towards the same goals 
  • Opportunities to workshop your writing
  • Learn strategies about publishing, promoting, branding your manuscript

We have had no less than eleven. bestselling books produced out of this group (see below), and many more on the way

So we you want to join or want more info, feel free to contact me at ctgager37 @

Dr. Paula Perez

"This group was instrumental in teaching me about the

     industry and helping me get my first two books out into 

     the world. They always share feedback with a spoonful 

      of sugar, which makes it easy to swallow. Ultimately, their  

words of wisdom made me a better writer."

Jenna Tighe

"It is such a joy and honor to be able to support other writers through their process. I also really love and cherish the relationships that I have with the other writers. I have only met two of them in person, but I feel a deep connection with even the ones that I know only from Zoom, and I am forever grateful for these friendships! Building relationships with other people is such a huge part of this process because writing can be such a lonely journey, and these relationships have been so incredibly important. The group has also been extremely motivating for me as a newcomer to writing."

Leianne Messina

"I love the vulnerability, camaraderie and accountability. Our stories and books are so different but come from the same place of wanting to share our stories with the hopes of helping others. I haven’t met anyone involved whose story is being written with selfish ambition."

Barbara Legere

"When I joined in late 2020, my desire to write was 10 times stronger than my confidence. It didn't take long to feel at home. I have learned SO MUCH and I believe in my writing skills for the first time ever. I've also learned a lot about marketing. Whenever I felt stuck, I have a group of people who genuinely care about me and my book who have encouraged me with wisdom and humor! When my book came out, everyone in the group gave me a review on Amazon. On a personal level, we have laughed and cried together, and I consider each of them a special friend in my life."

Margie Allman

"I’ve participated in a number of writing groups and never felt like they were ‘safe spaces’ for my particular life story until this group. Some members have been so supportive that their encouragement keeps me going when I wonder if I can even get it done."

Kimberly Nilsson

“For me, this writing group is like a meeting of friends who dare to hang their laundry for others to see and in the process find sunshine, peace and fresh air. It’s so uplifting and inspiring with incredibly caring leadership, professionalism and direct helpfulness.”

Chris Joseph

"When the pandemic afforded me more time, I joined this group & was immediately inspired not only be the teachings, but also by the honesty, authentic and clarity of the members. I finished writing a book that will be published this year."

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