Friday, October 27, 2017

I appear on The Koncast Podcast, which is better than the Comcast anything

When I was invited onto Jon's podcast, Koncast, not to be confused with the cable thieves, Comcast, we ended up having a very interesting chat.  So click that link and listen!

Author Jon Konrath is a very interesting guy and a very good interviewer. Our writing careers have shadowed each other's for years---same time, same places, same issues in a literary sense. Recently he has been doing this Andy Kaufman-ish The Same Picture of Jon Konrath Everyday.   I love how it's catching on, and I've never created irony which created jewelry and coffee cups. Anyway, the podcast is a damn good chat.

Some subjects we covered


-My start in poetry

-How on-line journals mirror Tinder

-Joe Blow who is my Joe Blow friend on Facebook

-Literary events where you pay $300 host a reading for yourself ="Welcome to Me"

-How on-line readings mirror the death of music on MTV

-Norm MacDonald has a Roku show and he's on coke (you only have to watch the opening)

-The Original RCA E-book reader

-Ways MFA programs validate cost of tuition

-Netflix doing the opposite of Napster

-The Pendulum swings against the privileged

-Creative Non-fiction and how if your father is dating a sheep he's going to sue you
-The death of journalism

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