Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coming Soon, RE: TELLING

From the Ampersand Book website:

How many times can Super Mario die?  Did Borges visit Indiana, or did Indiana visit Borges?  Does the devil drink milk and, if not, why does he like milkmaids so much?  And where do our hero turtles go when there are no more foot soldiers to fight?

 Welcome to Re:Telling, the anthology that answers these burning questions, and many, many more.  This collection of fiction, poetry, and art features some of the independent publishing world’s favourite, most talented writers using recycled material: purloined plots, stolen settings, borrowed premises, and appropriated characters.  It is subversion; it is homage.  It is a ransacking of the treasure troves in our cultural basement, and nothing is off limits.  The stories range from retellings of Shakespeare to Law & Order, from classical theatre to video games.  Each piece is something picked up and dusted off, reworked and made new.

Featuring retellings by:

  • Matt Bell
  • Alicia Gifford
  • Michael Martone
  • Daniel Grandbois
  • Darcie Dennigan
  • Peter Connors
  • Jim Ruland
  • Samantha Hunt
  • Blake Butler
  • Tom La Farge
  • Shya Scanlon
  • Pedro Ponce
  • Crispin Best
  • Erin Fitzgerald
  • J. Bradley
  • Molly Gaudry
  • Steve Himmer
  • Josh Maday
  • Henry Jenkins
  • Michael Kimball
  • Corey Mesler
  • Roxane Gay
  • Timothy Gager
  • Heather Fowler
  • Joseph Riippi
  • Wendy Walker
  • Zachary Mason
  • Curtis Smith
  • Jeff Brewer
  • Kathleen Rooney & Lily Hoang
With original artwork by Teresa Buzzard!

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