Saturday, January 15, 2011

Howls and Pushycats has two of my poems

Howls and Pushycats is an interesting little magazine hosted by Dhoktor Howl and M’sieu Pushycat. (Upon sneaky investigation the names Parker Tettleton and William Lennertz are uncovered but I don't know exactly their involvement)

 The magazine promotes and responds to submissions as if they are on acid. Given that, my two poems "the girl this weekend" and "An Angry Mel Gibson Gets a Dog" fit right in. ( pages 13-14) 

Here's the complete list of people published in this issue:

Shannon Schuren : Writer's Lump

Michael Lee Johnson: Two Poems

Richard Cody: Respect 101

A.J. Huffman: Ink Street

Bob Petras: The Society of the Hood

Timothy Gager: Two Poems

Alexandra Campbell: Something Old...

Cath Barton: The Change

John Grey: Three Poems

Shane Jesse Christmass: Microdots in the Time...

Michael Frissore: Two Haiku

Thomas Sullivan: Career Planning

David Mac: Three Poems

Mike Berger: Slipped Away

Christy Rose Cecil: The Sweet Smell of Revenge

A Few Words About Issue Two

from M'sieu Pushycat
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