Saturday, December 19, 2020

2021 Winter Schedule for Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series (Jan-April 2021)

     Features will read 10 minutes at either 7 PM or 8 PM, their preference. To see these events on live stream join Virtual Fridays Dire Literary Series Group on Facebook or message me for information. All feature segments get uploaded to YouTube, and you have the option to subscribe.  Our  features are followed or preceded by the best open mic in the world, so bring your best stuff. For previous features see HERE

Note: I no longer accept queries for features. 

Gate crash Prevention

Because of pranks, perversion, and racism which will not be tolerated, here are some guidelines I will be using some of the following at various times.

1) People will be Automatically muted when entering, only host can unmute you, at any time
2) Eliminate Chat
3) Eliminate screen share
4) Lock Dire at 715 so even if you get booted out by mistake, you may not be able to re-enter--sorry.
5) Block camera ability for any interlopers that are frustrated by all of the above.
6) Not post the event on Twitter
7) Not publicly post Dire link to zoom
7) Immediately remove offending animal. 

UPDATE 4/1/21. To see any of these readers, check out the videos HERE


8 Rick Moody 

15 Laurette Folk

22 Mark Saba

29 Sarah Anne Johnson


5 Jennifer Haigh and Josh Barkan

12 Keetje Kuipers

   19 January O'Neil

26 Elle Nash


5 Danielle Zaccagnino

12 Marty Beckerman

19 Nathan Graziano

26 Steven Cramer

Sneak peek at April

2 Easter Weekend- OFF

9 The all-open mic One Year Anniversary Event

16 Sandra Simonds

23 George Wallace

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