Monday, July 11, 2016

Everybody (or book) deserves a second chance.

Even in movies

Then there's Second Chance Books, a website for books that deserve a second go-round because they are that good . The books featured have been published by various small presses and this week they're featuring  2013's "The Shutting Door"  from Ibbetson Street Press.

The site is run by the successful and prolific Susan Tepper---who I owe a ton a gratitude toward, who said during the book's first time around,  "The Shutting Door" is a book of poems that talks to the reader about what is going on. And because the 'stories' within these poems are similar in tone and emotional content to the stories we all face, here and there, in our lives, this book feels intensely personal. The writing is spare without being empty. I felt the poet in every poem, yet I felt myself able to jump in and share the experience. This is a beautiful book and would make a terrific gift."

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