Tuesday, July 5, 2016

63 Channels returns! "Who's the Boss?" published in Summer Issue

Years ago there was a website "Art Conspiracy", run by Glen Feulner  and John DeSpirito, where artists could post pictures of their art and writers/poets could post their work. It was one of the early internet writing pages I joined. Plenty of talent, (Dave Wilson, Mike Maguire, Eric Harrison, Jessica "Badass" Dawson, Brian Dawson, Jen Dubin, Amy Kocur  to name a few) Hell, the bulletin board was a lot of fun too. Anyway, the webpage no longer exists anywhere in the universe, but out of there many art and literary magazines were formed. One of them, Feulner's  "63 Channels", has been around since 2006, with several breaks of several years since that year.

"63 Channels Magazine" is back again with my piece "Who's the Boss?" Let me tell you that the boss is a slimy, sexual harassing,  ego-driven disgusting pig. I know someone just like this, and he can only function as a big fish in a small pond. Thank God society has something to say about this--not that it stops anything. Another thing about the title of the story, is that it's also the name of a TV show which drove me nuts. Perhaps it was the Tony Danza fake smile that drove me to strangling the sofa pillow, whether it was on that show on various others he starred in. Maybe it was the premise of "Who's the Boss" (TV Show) and the fake (catching a theme?) tension between Tony and Angela which as a kid seemed to confuse me regarding the why of it all.

Bonus: The Urban Dictionary has a slimy, disgusting definition of "The Tony Danza", but no need to give that link, the definition appears within "Who's the Boss?" (the story)

So, please read and enjoy. There is some great stuff in this issue by everyone below

This issue of 63 Channels features poetry by:
Irsa Ruci
Joan McNerney
Wayne Burke
Gary Beck

Bruce Robinson

Brian Kovich

Justin Karcher

*Plus a collaboration piece by Glen Feulner & Brian Kovich*

With Short Fiction By:

Timothy Gager

James Agombar

Allow me to share, more of the stupid

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