Monday, July 22, 2013

The way to The Santa Fe Literary Review

Here's the cover of the 2013 Santa Fe Literary Review. Meg Tuite and Sudasi Clement are their Editors and I'm grateful that they liked my work enough to include one of my flash pieces!

The journal will be available to the public very soon, so keep checking back or you can read the on-line really cool page turning  version.

My piece "Where in The House",  is alongside great work by writers Sheila O' ConnorMary Stone DockeryJames Joseph BrownMathieu CaillerRobert VaughanAlex Pruteanu Teisha Dawn TwomeyLibby HallMichael Gillan Maxwell.

 The story, "Where in The House", is one of a woman who keeps a memory box from each of her exes, filled with a range as wide as a Buzzcocks t-shirt and to an urn. Please check it our and buy it as soon as it is available. 
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