Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Halfway through 2013: The gritty summary.

New Graffiti's bi-weeily series of the most gritty work from various authors is halfway over. Below are the
remaining scheduled authors. There is still time to decide on what is GRIT and do they have IT?

7/15    Susan Tepper
7/29    Nathaniel Tower
8/12     xTx
8/26    Jenna Humphrey
9/9      Aleathia Drehmer
9/23    Jackie Corley
12/30    Matt Potter
12/30  Steve Glines
12/30   Brian Sousa
12/30  CD Collins

To read all the grit from now back till January click the link you're reading. 

Already published was some great work. Recheck them out and comment on your favorites

1/7      Meg Tuite, "Thirteen"

1/21    Rusty Barnes, "No Pretty Boy"

2/4      Teisha Twomey, "Hometown Decay"

2/18    Lavinia Ludlow, "Addiction: Fiction"

3/4      Jon Konrath, "Sleep Has No Master"

3/18    Howie Good, "The Voice of America"

4/1      John Sheppard, "Milk Carton Girl Turns 40"

4/15    Matthew Salesses, "In My War Novel" 

4/29    Jen Michalski, "I Can Make it to California Before it is Time For Dinner"

5/6      Len Kuntz, "Medicine and Meat"

5/20    Robert Vaughn, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"

6/3      Wendy Ellis, "Fortieth Birthday"

6/17    Barry Graham,  "Blackhorse"

7/1      Sarah Sweeney, "Lament for a Frat Boy"

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