Tuesday, December 28, 2021

The most read Blog Posts of 2021 from my "News"

      Tis' the Season when Top Ten Lists of the year are presented. Before I unveil my  Top Ten viewed blog posts, lets not forget the Top 10 Christmas Urban Legends seen on the below video (such as tics on Christmas Trees causing Lyme Disease). Speaking of video, Urban Meyer did not make this list, though he probably made a lot of Top 10 Video lists for  2021 for his viral dancing video.  Now how stupid can you be?  And speaking of stupid did the joy of the stupid, "Let's Go, Brandon," chant make it on any smart list?  No.

On my list below, all the links work, and they'll bring you back to the original post, which you can re-read or just read for the first time,  if you are interested. 


Here Are the Top Ten Most Read Posts from 2021

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