Saturday, January 20, 2018

Flash: "What Kids are Scared Of" appears in Crack The Spine, as big fat Elvis leaves the building

Crack the Spine is an absolutely gorgeous magazine, so please visit their site. Art, pictures combined with poetry and fiction. Here's the cover of issue #229, which includes a piece of flash-fiction, What Kids Are Scared Of .

Here's the photo they used to accompany the story:

The photo goes along well with the content, which you can read using the link above.


This may be an opinion, but more often it's a fact:  Clowns are scary for most everyone.
Yes, but what happens when a clown hired for a children's party cancels their gig. Then he's replaced by an Elvis impersonator with all kinds of problems. Also of fear, the Elvis who helped renew the vows of the Turpin's who shackled and tortured their kids for 13 years.

By the way, the Patriots are scary good, unless you are scared of Tom Brady's hurt hand, and their logo has been called "Flying Elvis".

The Elvis in my story flies too--but in an entirely different way. So that's about all I can say regarding my flash piece published today in Crack the Spine So read all about it

Also appearing in this fine issue: Tina V. Cabrera, Suke Cody, Michelle Dotter,  Stephen C. Middleton, Don L. Robishaw, Suzanne Farrell Smith, Jessica B. Weisenfels

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