Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Year of the Loudmouth, published work in review.

Loudmouth for our country=UGH!


For me, 2017 may seem like a lean year for published work from me, but I've done a lot of that in the past. Most importantly was getting out, reading from and touring the book "Chief Jay Strongbow is Real", a book which I felt so strongly about I could flip through it at readings and read whatever I wanted. The totals were: 
1 Book
1 work of Fiction
12 Poems
and more interviews than anyone should have, which is neither publishing nor writing.

1. Writers and Work, December 9

2. Mass Poetry, November 13 (where the heckis it on their site?)
3. Koncast, podcast interview, October 27
4. Paradox Review, October 18
5. SCTV , television interview, September 26
6. Boston Literary Magazine, February 4
7. Also there was a recording of a reading in New York City to listen to. 

So, there were five interviews--not at all bad, considering the Loudest most vile mouth of all is still allowed to speak, from the highest office in our country (and I don't regret saying anything in any interview). Hopefully 2018 will bring more wonderful things to read, less tweets from our President, unless he is no longer President and I hope he tweets millions of ass-hurt ones.


Chief Jay Strongbow is Real, July 2017, Big Table Publishing


"Joe the Salamander" May 31. 2017 The Coil 


"Whitewalls" (scroll to find it) 
October 31, 2017, Right Hand Pointing #116 

“Day One: The Day After”
“Red Barn”
“Bringing a Monkey to Work”
“The Truth About Pastels”
"Still there are Boxes"
October 17, 2017, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

"Prayer By a Stream"
"This, For The Bear"
August 3, 2017 Eternal Snow: A Worldwide Anthology of One Hundred Twenty Five Poetic Intersections
with Himalayan Poet Yuyutsu RD Sharma

"Chief Jay Strongbow Is Real"
June 7, 2017, Oddball Magazine 

"Counter Act"
April 1, 2017, Poetic Diversity 

"Loose Flowers"
"Throw Certainty Out in the Air like a Lasso"
February 1, 2017 Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art 
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