Saturday, April 30, 2016

The road started, accelerated at age 17----Newark, Rt. 896

It was the way it was.

My latest published piece is the first story in a long while. Let's call it a pre-recovery story. The University of Delaware overbooked the dorms my freshman year. I was placed in what was called "extended housing", which was 8 one bedroom apartments with two bunk beds in each bedroom. There were thirty-two of us and I became what I would become---and battle. We were located across from Delaware Stadium, Route 896 (South College Avenue) and we could hitchhike or take a shuttle bus to campus.  In the picture we are located behind the white truck and the two cars. I'm not sure if that is actually the place or South Gate Apartments, but if you read my memoir-esque piece today in Fried Chicken and Coffee, you'll see why my memory is not too good.

Pink Footballs

Black Beauties


Mikey, Life Cereal Kid and Pop Rocks (snopes reference)

That's my drug-a-log, oh and by the way, I recovered.

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