Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This is my story and I'm sticking to it....Essay published in The Sobriety Collective

 How it was

NOVEMBER 6, 2010

I’m coming out of a blackout at The People’s Republik in Cambridge, Massachusetts and I’m in mid-sentence. I know where I am because I remember coming in with some friends earlier. I can never leave early enough. I confused where this sentence is going to or even what I am talking about. I don’t know where my friends I came with are? Did they leave me here? Why? Stupid question because I know even if I wasn’t remembering specifics of this night. Bad behavior leads to lost friendships.

How do I get home? Oh, that’s right, I remember I drove here. 

Today. Here is my full story, the continuation of the above excerpt, written text of what I usually share as a speaker.

At various times here at my blog, or during interviews or other essays I've talked about my sobriety. Usually it's around the time of my anniversary date. On November 6, it is my fifth anniversary, which is a big one, a nice round number.

As a writer, I'm also a reader. As a sober person, I'm also a reader. I'm a regular reader of The Fix, which one day, brought me to a web site, new to me, After Party Magazine, from one of The Fix's editor's Anna David, author of Party Girl.

We all know how the internet works in times of boredom. You start out searching for apple picking and by the time you are done you are on serial killer pages. This wasn't as drastic, as After Party Magazine took me to the 20 Best Recovery Blogs. Here I found The Sobriety Collective run by Laura Silverman. Here is her story, and thanks for publishing mine.

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