Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10/6 San Diego

After leaving Boston at 6 AM, I landed in San Diego, where I

a) forgot that I checked a bag, realizing this while on a shuttle toward Alamo.
b) exited shuttle, went back to retrieve bag, and walked back to shuttle area and somehow managed to misplace my glasses between a and b.
c) all points bulletin released to all Alamo shuttle drivers. Result: no glasses
d) back to terminal where I found my glasses on a luggage cart in the baggage area.

T=45 minutes, 2 miles

I stayed with Heather Fowler, (Guardian Angel of San Diego)  who I read with and we talked about books for awhile. She was a gracious hostess as we swam in a pool with her kids, then had Mexican Food. First, though, I landed in Target, where I:

a) bought a pair of swim trunks that were too small. Pictures not available, thank God, but I borrowed some San Diego Charger trunks. (see butt selfie). Now, it's morning, and everyone's gone. I dangerously have the run of the KEURIG.

San Diego Super Chargers

As far as the reading went, we had a really nice time. SD Writers Ink supplied the cookies, I read then, Heather Fowler read from her new book, Elegantly Naked in my Sexy Mental Illness,  The book absolutely kills, and Heather is a good reader, so that was a real treat. Bonnie Zobell's work, blew me away. She is very talented as a writer--it was very good stuff. She completed a book tour much grander than mine--her book is amazing too. Maggie May Ethridge closed up the night with a reading from her novel in progress. It struck a chord in my bird phobic heart, as she set the scene of an injured crow's attempt to be saved and how it ended up attacking it's rescuers. Yes!

Here's living proof of the wonderful and talented San Diego crew:

Timothy Gager, Bonnie ZoBell, Heather Fowler and Maggie May Ethridge

Strange but true San Diego story: It took twenty miles before someone scratched and added white paint to my rental car. Do I call Alamo or not? Honest Tim did and they said, "No, problem." When does that ever happen?

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