Thursday, October 2, 2014

If it's not the greatest, it was the most difficult....which lead to a life second to none.

 Here's the interview  HERE by author, journalist and TV commentator Ognian Georgiev.

When I first decided to or hadn't yet decided to quit drinking, I used to the hate mottoes but mostly because I hated myself. I was a good time until I came crashing down which was often.  In the acknowledgments on page three of The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan, I wrote,

For my family, my children Gabe and Caroline, and all others involved in the process. Thanks to the good people that attend Dire, The Davis to Porter Group and the fine folks at Scrawl. Special thanks to Teisha Twomey who never lets me get down on my writing, as I tend to do that. Very personal acknowledgments to Rene Schwiesow, Rusty Barnes, Christopher Reilley, Sue Miller and Ned Vizzini. Additional thanks to television, my babysitter as a child, and to Phil McGraw.

 I also offer gratitude to a fellowship which saved my life and made The Promises come true, and to a HP, which I understand

Thanks and gratitude -- along with an inside joke about Dr Phil, but more importantly without the last sentence here, none of this, the book, the tour, would be possible. In the past I've been pretty open about my drinking in an essay published in The Somerville Times and maybe in a drunk-a-log found in my blog. Drugs and alcohol itself in my fiction a few million times. HERE"S JUST ONE None of this even begins to tell of the shame and regret I had in my life.

Today in the interview, I talk about sobriety as being the biggest accomplishment in my life and also about writing and my process.

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