Sunday, October 12, 2014

10/11 Oakland, Ca.,

Be About Presents was perhaps the most fun of the readings so far. I was picked up in the airport, left my heart in SF, one of my favorite cities, (stayed only 20 minutes), and brought the rest of me over the bridge to Oakland.

The reading was hosted by Alexandra Naughton, who created an event for me at an exact date and time I needed. Without getting into much that I could blog and blog about for pages, if you google her, there were reasons I wanted to change venues. I cannot thank her enough for the ability to schedule and run events in short notice. The WM Wolfman's bookstore is flexible enough, and is super cool, so that Alexandra can make something happen anytime she wants.

I got .to see some old friends, Paige and another of my nephews, Jordan tonight. That was pretty cool. I also met SB Stokes, a poet, who is pretty bad ass.

Christine Hyung-Oak Lee and Julie Grengo

Also, old friend, Julie Gengo, picked me up at the airport and drove me around. Christine Hyung Oak-Lee, pictured right, read with me and she too has an incredible survivor story which you can read here. It's a must. After I read it, I friended her on Facebook, asked her to join me in Oakland and in all of fifteen minutes, it all happened.

I enjoyed her reading, as I did the others from some promising young writers from the Oakland area, Paul Murafus and Carmella Veronica.


Saturday's Guardian Angel: Julie Gengo, who as stated above did it all. I also got to meet her friend Lee, a Cape Codder---who I guessed was not from the California area and was correct.

Strange But True Oakland Story: Driving Jordan back to Berkeley, took about 17 hours or at least it felt like it. Hey, Oakland, ever think of timing your lights? Drive a block, stop. Drive a block, stop. Julie said that when the crime was bad it made the alleged criminals easier to stop. Oh. Now I get it.

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